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We afterwardsWe afterwards agreed for the exclusive right of the shooting there, and protected it, accord¬ing to the custom of this country, by an armed garde-chasse, which part was most ably per¬formed by one of the commissary's gens ctarma, who, in addition to his military fusee, had pro¬vided himself with the terrific appendages of a cutlass MBT Shoes Clearance and a set of handcuffs. We found the French peasants extramely useful to assist in shooting; and, although quite ignorant of following birds on the water (in com¬parison with Englishmen), yet jimmy choo they were pretty well up to the making of bastions, huts, and every other trick for getting shots on, and from the shore.
The French coast is plentifully supplied with wildfowl; which there are far more easy of ac¬cess than in our country. Taking from be¬tween Cherburg and Neville to Carentan, there is, jimmy choo uggs I believe, no better place within the same distance, from the south of England, than this would be,. for an enthusiast in the diversion. Here the birds are still more numerous than on the coast of England; and the very few shots that are worth taking with the wretched guns and powder, which are used by the few people who here follow wildfowl, render their sporting bat a trifling jimmy choo shoes impediment to your enjoying the whole range of country. (Although the powder is so execrably bad, yet the French shot is well manufactured, and of good quality.) •. The only objection, however, after the ten or MBT twelve hours' sail, which this would MBT Shoes about be from Lymington or Poole, is, that the isolated situation of the country, and the misery of the inhabitants, preclude your having any farther amusement than the constant pursuit of sport. excursion to France, of going up to Peronne; which may be styled the university for chasseuri on this system, in order to make myself master of it,


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