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in the third

and insert it in the third edition, under an idea that its great facility, and little inconveni¬ence, may better suit the generality jimmy choo shoes of my rea¬ders, than the more scientific plans of wildfowl shooting. The lakes of Peronne are better calculated for a lover of comfort to shoot at his ease, than any place I have seen. The water, being a part of MBT Shoes the Somme, is not quite stagnant: and is, in every part, about four or five feet deep, surrounded, and intersected, by innumerable islands and walls of rushes. The waters here are rented by different " huttiers" (hut-shooters), who get the chief of their liveli¬hood by supplying the markets of Paris, and other towns, with wildfowl, which they shoot, instead of taking them by decoys, as in our country. Though the jimmy choo French, in some places, are very expert at catching birds (particularly on that vast tract of wild sand between Crotoi and St. Valery, where I have seen the whole
mouth of the Somme spread
jimmy choo uggs with nets and sur¬rounded by lines of horse hair nooses), yet shooting from the hut (la hutte) is the favourite, and most general, method of getting wildfowl in France. The common way of making a hut is to dig a hole in the ground by the side of some pool or pond; and then roof it over with turf, so that not an opening remains, but one hole, into which you crawl; out of which you fire; and in front of which are fastened, to three se¬parate pegs in the water, MBT two tame ducks, and a drake. The drake must be in the centre, and the ducks one on each side of him, at about five yards interval; and the birds being thus sepa¬rated, will, in general, be calling to each other; and if so, there will MBT Shoes Clearance seldom pass a wild one, but will come and drop with them.
The chief point, however, to be attended to in England, is to get, if possible, some young wildducks bred up, and pinioned. Or, by way of a makeshift, to select tame birds which, are the most clamorous, even if their colour should not be like the wild ones.


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