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built amongThis hut, being built among the high reeds,and after¬wards strewed over with jimmy choo them, is completely in¬visible; although as commodious inside as a large covered cart Here the huttier of Pe- ronne goes regularly every night, wet or dry, and takes a great coat (if he has one), with a piece of brown bread, and a sour apple, for his supper. jimmy choo shoes In front of his hut are fastened, to piles at each end, three separate ropes, about twenty yards long. On the centre one, he ties four drakes, and to the one on each flank four ducks; making,.in all, twelve decoy birds; and these, being (to use a military term) dressed in line, whatever bird MBT Shoes Clearance he sees out of the ranks, MBT he knows must be a wild one: and as the lake, in moderate weather, is like a mirror, the night is seldom so dark but that he can see to shoot jimmy choo uggs at the very short distance which his miserable gun, and miserable powder, will kilL
The great man of the huttiers here is Monsieur Desabes. To his services I was recommended by the proprietor of whom he rented his share of the water. He informed me, that the huttiers never allowed shooting from a boat, or at birds $n wing, through fear of disturbing the pond;
and said, that his plan was to take his night'* rest, and leave the birds till a little before day light; when they would be all doubled together; and when a shot would do far less mischief to the decoy than if fired before the birds had fed and slept Here he is perfectly right. But that if a " grande compagnie' should drop, the MBT Shoes noise would awaken him, and he could then take his choice whether to fire or not After inspecting all his apparatus by day, he would make me go with him by night, for which, being unwell, at the time, and unprepared, I was scarcely in the humour to do,


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