them into his glory

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them into his glory

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them into his glory

them into his glory and his Paradise" When the knight heard these words, immediately he made the disciples baptise him; and whale they were so doing, he noticed, with devotion and attention, the ceremonies of the sacred ministry, and when it was done, he took his leave of them, commending himself to their grace, and intreating of them that they would commend him in their prayers to Christ and his Apostle Santiago. At that instant the wind, which till then had been stall, struck the sails, and the ship began to cleave the wide sea. The knight then directed his course toward the shore, riding upon die water, in sight of the great multitude, which from the shore was watehing him ; and when he reached the shore, and was surrounded by them, he related to them what had happened. The natives, astonished at the sight of such stupendous miracles, were converted, and the knight, with his own hand, baptized his bride."The facts are thus related, to the letter, in the Sanctoral Portugues, from whence the Breviaries of Alcobapa and St. Cucufate copied it, and that of Oviedo in the Hymn for the Apostles Day,. .from which authorities the moderns have taken it. The Genealogists say that the Vieyras of Portugal are descended from this knight, because the scallop is called by that name in their tongue, and that family bear it in their arms. The Pimenteles make the same pretensions, and also bear four scallops jimmy choo uggs in their shield. The Ribadaneyras also advance jimmy choo shoes a similar claim, and they bear a cross with five scallops." This is the origin of the shells with which the pilgrims who come to visit the body of our glorious Patron, adorn themselves, the custom having, without doubt; been preserved by tradition from that time. The circumstances are confirmed by pictures representing it, which jimmy choo from ancient times have been preserved in various cities.


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