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In the Church

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In the Church

In the Church of St. Maria de jimmy choo shoes Aracoeli at Rome, on the Gospel side, there is a spacious chapel, dedicated to our glorious Patron; it was painted in the year , and in one compartment this adventure is represented: there is the ship, having the body of the Apostle on the poop, and the seven Disciples on board: close to the ship, upon the sea, is a Knight upon a black horse, with a red saddle and trappings, both covered with scallopshells. The same story is painted in the parish church of Santiago at Madrid: and it is related in a very ancient manuscript, which is preserved in the jimmy choo library of the Monastery of St. Juan jimmy choo uggs de los Reyes, at Toledo. In the Ancient Breviary of the Holy Church of Oviedo, mention is made of this prodigy in these verses, upon the vesper of the glorious Saint.e Cunctis mare cernentibus, Sed a prqfundo ducitur, Natus Regis submergitur Totus plenus eonchilibusFinally, the fact is authenticated by their Holinesses Alexander III., Gregory IX., and Clement V., who in their Bulls grant a faculty to the Archbishop of Compostella, that they may excommunicate those who sell these shells to pilgrims anywhere except in the city of Santiago, and they assign this reason, because the shells are the badge of the Apostle Santiago. And thus in the Church of St Clement at Rome, which is enriched with the body of St. Clement, Pope and Martyr, is a picture of the Apostle Santiago, apparently more than five hundred years old, which is adorned with scallopshells on the garment and hat, as his proper badge."Anales de Galicia, vol. i. p , Gwillim, in his account of this bearing, says nothing of its origin. But he says " the Escallop (according to Diascorides) is engendered of the Dew and Air, and hath no blood at all in itself, notwithstanding in mans body of any other food it turneth soonest into blood.


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