They had agreed

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They had agreed

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They had agreed

They had agreed that I should hae sea air, and I had it
And now I will just describe to you the Misses Perkins, their characters and occupations; and you shall see whether it was not natural that I should hae cogitated on them a little.
The three elder were the daughters of a first marriage, and appeared to be from forty to forty-fie years of age; the two younger were the children of a second marriage : the elder was twenty-fie, and the younger twenty-three years of age.
Miss Perkins was a tall, bony woman, ery plain, but with a pleasant cheerfulness and actiity about her. She kept the house ; and half its comfort, and nearly all its superfluities, certainly arose from this circumstance. Assuredly she was not intellectual, but her loe of order, economy, and regularity
tory burch flats made her a ery useful person. And I saw that if she were to tory burch outlet die, her sisters, independently of their affection for her, would miss her sorely from their household.
She was somewhat garrulous, and fond of describing her days occupations to me.
You see, my dear she would begin, I always go out directly after breakfast, because I cannot order dinner till I hae been to the
tory burch shoes fishmongers and the butchers. Things ary ery much in price, and it behoes me to buy what is both good and cheap.
It would neer do to send Mary, who is no judge, and just say, " Buy soles," or " Buy whiting;" because just that day those particular fish might be both stale and dear, while cod was plentiful. No; I just look about for myself; and if all is dear, why, I take none, but go off to the butcher, and get a larger joint of meat, and perhaps make up with a fruit pie. And there again, you
tory burch sale know, serants hae no discretion.


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