THESE animals are found in Bengal

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THESE animals are found in Bengal

Post  bokencn on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:47 am

THESE animals are found in Bengal, where travellers inform us they plunder whole fields of tiffany&co grain, tiffany rings and plantations of sugarcanes; tiffany outlet and while one stands sentinel on a tree, the others load themselves with the booty. But if the owner of the tiffany field or plantation appears, to interrupt their depredations, their faithful companion on the lookout, gives notice, by crying out, houp, houp, houp, which the rest perfectly understand; and, all at once, throwing down their plunder which they hold in their left hands, they scamper off upon tiffany co three legs, holding the remainder in their right, and save themselves from their pursuers by climbing up trees, where they have their general abode. The females, even loaded with their young ones, clasp them close to their breast, leap like the others, from branch to branch, and escape with the rest. When it happens that tiffany and co outlet they cannot find any provision in the fields, they get on the tops of houses, and, having pulled off the tiles, do great damage to the inside. They tiffany sale do not eat a single thing, without smelling at it for a long time beforehand; and when they have satisfied their hunger, they put the remainder in their cheek pouches, for the next day: they destroy the nests of birds, and never fail to throw the eggs on the ground, when they want appetite or inclination to eat them.The most formidable enemy these animals have, i3 the serpent; no other animal of the forest being able to surprise them, as they are so exceedingly swift and subtle, and easily climb up and seat themselves on the tops of the highest trees. The monkey, says a traveller, tiffany jewellery has it in his power to be master of the forest; for there are neither tigers nor lions which can dispute the possession with it.


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