It is a spiteful animal

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It is a spiteful animal

Post  bokencn on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:48 am

The chief animal it has to fear, and which attacks it both night and day, is the snake. There are some snakes in those forests of a prodigious size, which tiffany co wind up the trees where the monkeys reside, and, when they happen to surprise them sleeping, tiffany&co swallow them whole before the little animals have time to make a defence. The malbrouck has pouches on each side of its cheeks, and callosities on its posteriors; its tail is very nearly as long as the body and head put together. The eyelids are of a fleshy, and the face of an ash color; the ears are large, thin, and of a flesh color; they have a Hat of gray hairs above the eyes, but in other parts are of a uniform color, approaching towards a brown on the upper parts of the body, and towards a gray on the lower. It goes on all fours, tiffany outlet and is about a tiffany jewellery foot or a foot and a half long, from the snout to the insertion of the tail is a native of the banks of the tiffany and co outlet Ganges, has pouches on each side of its cheeks, and callosities on its posteriors; its tail is naked, curled up, and about the length of five or six inches; the canine teeth are not much longer in proportion, than those of men; the face, ears, hands, tiffany rings and feet, are naked, and of a flesh color; the hair on the body is of a beautiful greenish gray, each hair being gray and black, tipped with yellow; the extremities are gray; the region of the loins is a golden yellow; and the thighs are of a lively red. It sometimes walks erect, and at other times upon all fours: it is tiffany about two feet or two feet and a half tall, when erect. It is a spiteful animal.THIS animal is generally known by the name of the Barbary ape. Of all the apes which have no tail, this animal can best endure tiffany sale the temperature of a northern climate. Buffon kept one for many years. In the summer it remained in the open air with pleasure; and in the winter might be kept in a room without any fire. It was filthy, and of a sullen disposition: it equally made use of a grimace to show its angerfor express its sense of hunger; its motions were violent, its manners awkward, and its physiognomy rather ugly than ridiculous.


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