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nor the swiftness

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Whenever it was offended, tiffany tiffany rings it grinned and showed its teeth. It put whatever was tiffany&co given it into the pouches on each side of its jaws, and commonly eat every thing that was offered it, except raw flesh, cheese, and other things of a fermentative nature. When it slept, it was fond of roosting on a wooden or iron bar. It was always kept chained, for, notwithstanding its long subjection, it was neither civilized, nor fond of its keeper: apparently, it had been but badly educated, for I have seen others of the same kind, who were more sagacious, obedient, gayer, and so tractable as to be taught to dance, and suffer themselves quietly to tiffany and co outlet be clothed and dressed.This ape is about two feet and a half, or three feet high, in its erect posture ; but the female tiffany jewellery is not so large as the male. It is completely covered with a light gray brown hair. It rather chooses to walk on all fours, than erect. When it sleeps, it is almost always sitting. There are two very prominent callosities on its posteriors. It abounds in Barbary, and in the forests of India, Arabia, and Africa. In Barbary, the trees are sometimes nearly covered with them. This ape is said to have become naturalized in the most inaccessible parts of the rock tiffany co of Gibraltar.It is probably this kind of monkey, which Robert Lade speaks of, in the following terms: " We travelled over a great mountain at the Cape of Good Hope, where we tiffany sale diverted ourselves with hunting the large apes, which are there in great plenty. I am not able to represent all the tracta bleness of these animals which pursued us, nor the swiftness and impudence with which they returned to us after we had driven them away. Sometimes they suffered us ta,approach so near them, that, stopping almost close to one of these tiffany outlet animals to take my observations, I thought myself certain of securing him, when, taking a sudden leap,


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