but the captain, thinking

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but the captain, thinking

Post  bokencn on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:51 am

he sprang above ten paces from me, and climbed up a tree with the greatest agility. They remained afterwards very quiet, looking on us as though they were pleased with our astonishment. There were some so exceedingly large, that if they had been of a ferocious nature, our number would not have been sufficient to secure us from their attacks. As it would have been useless to kill these animals, we made no use of our guns; but the captain, thinking to tiffany wound one of them, which was seated on a tree, after a long tiffany rings pursuit, had no sooner presented his piece, but the animal, probably from the remembrance of the execution of some of his companions in the same manner, was So greatly terrified at it, that it fell almost motionless at our feet, and being stunned in the fall, we had not the least trouble to secure It: however, when it Tevived, we had occasion tiffany sale for all our strength and address to keep it, tiffany jewellery defending itself by biting those wbo were near it, which obliged us to bind our handkerchiefs over its head.Tavernier tells us that some of the inhabitants of India adopt a ludicrous mode of avenging themselves on these monkeys, who not unfrequently attack the women who are going to market, and rob them of their provisions. In an open space, near the retreat of the apes, they place five or six baskets of tiffany co rice, forty or fifty tiffany and co outlet yards asunder, and near the baskets, a number of stout cudgels, each two feet in length. They then hide themselves, to watch for the result. Thinking that no one sees them, the apes hasten towards the baskets. For a while they grin angrily at each other, then approach, then retire, and seem to dread coming to action for the prey. More tiffany&co daring than the males, the females at length advance to the baskets, and as they thrust in their heads to eat, the males on the one side rush forward to prevent them. This brings tiffany outlet on a general engagement, and the cudgels are lustily plied till the weakest party is compelled to seek for shelter in the woods. The victors then quietly fall to, upon their hard earned meal.


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