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Cynoct&kalut porcariu┬╗. The genus Cynoccphalus comprises Simiae, with four upper tnd four lower incisors; two upper,and two lower canines; ten upper, and ten lower molars. Canines very strong; last molar4)f the under jaw on eacn side with a heel: head and muzzle noch elongated; nostrils placed at the extremity, like the dog; facial angle, thirty to thirtyfive degrees; superciliary, sagittal, and occipital ridges, much developed ; orbit hollow; maxillary bone much produced; face wrinkled, with longitudinal striae; tiffany co ears flat and angular; tiffany and co outlet cheek pouches; members of nearly equal length, and very robust; large callosities.of the Cape of Good Hope. It is a proper baboon. Its general color is a dusky hue, tiffany&co bordering upon tiffany rings black. The body is from two to three feet in length, and the tail is so short, that, when the animal stands on all fours, it does not reach the ground. The adult has a large mane. The forehead this species is remarkably depressed; the nose is much prolonged. The voice of the pigfaced baboon has a near resemblance to the bark of a dog.THIS baboon, which also bears the name of the ribbednosed baboon, is an ugly, disgusting animaL It is found on the Gold Coast, and in other southern provinces of Africa, where the negroes call it boggo, tiffany sale and tiffany the Europeans, mandrill. This animal is the largest of the tiffany jewellery baboon kind. Smith relates, that a female tiffany outlet mandrill was given to him, which was not above six months old, and had thea attained the size of an adult baboon. He likewise acquaints us, that these animals always walk erect; that they sigh and cry like the human species; that they have a violent passion for the female sex; that they never fail to overcome them if they come within their reach.


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