The two first

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The two first

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The two first

The two first, after they have been dried with care, and their weight ascertained, must be examined tory burch sale in order to know the nature and proportions of the substances MBT which compose them.I have previously observed, that the deposit constituting the first product, is generally composed only of silica ; if otherwise, it could be tested by acids, which will dissolve all the calcareous portions of it, while those parts which are insoluble may be treated by the means, which I have already pointed out, for separating alumina from silica.For the tory burch shoes second part, which is the one remaining on the filter, it is sufficient to make an analysis of it, by pouring upon it muriatic acid diluted with four parts .of water, till it will effervesce no longer; this will tory burch flats dissolve the carbonates of lime, and of magnesia, should there be any present, as well as any oxide of iron ; the solution being filtered, any substance not dissolved will remain on the tory burch outlet filter, and must he washed with wafer, till the water runs off tasteless ; the residuum must be dried and weighed ; it generally consists of alumina, and some animal and vegetable matter.In order to ascertain if the muriatic acid has dissolved any oxide of iron, stir it \vith a bit of oak bark ; if the liquor renders it brown or black, it contains iron ; in order to ascertain the quantity, throw into the liquor prussiate of.potash till it will no longer form a blue precipitate ; let it settle; collect the deposit, and heat it to redness ; that which remains afler this operation is the oxide of iron, and must be carefully weighed.When the solution has been freed from the oxide of iron, there remains in it only lime, and perhaps a little magnesia; these can be precipitated by means of a solution of carbonate of soda, which must be poured into the muriatic acid till a precipitate is no longer throwndown; after having poured off the liquor, the residuum must be washed and dried; when its weight will give the quantity of carbonate of lime contained in the earthy mixture.If the carbonate of lime, and the other deposits obtained, be of a brown color, it is to MBT Shoes Clearance be presumed, that MBT Shoes they contain a mixture of animal or vegetable substance, of which, the quality and proportions maybe ascertained by throwing them upon a redhot iron, and holding them over a fire of such a temperature, as will heat the iron to whiteness ; if the smoke arising from them have the odor of burning leather, hair, or feathers, the substance contained in them is animal; but if it have the smell of wood smoke, it is vegetable.


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