The two substances

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The two substances

Post  sedexyanytigh on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:55 pm

The two substancesThe two substances are sometimes combined, but the means of ascertaining in what proportions are beyond the tory burch sale skill tory burch shoes of an agriculturist; I have therefore thought that I ought to confine myself to the experiment necessary for ascertaining their presence.The method I have just described is easy, and in the power of any agriculturist, however little informed; it is not exact, but it furnishes results approximating near enough to the truth, to enable any one to ascertain the nature and proportions of the earthy substances which enter into the composition of a soil. A greater degree of precision in the analysis would require the employment of many agents unknown to the agriculturist, and a habit of analysis which he cannot be supposed to possess.But as the salts play an important part in vegetation, and as all soils are in MBT Shoes Clearance some degree impregnated with them, I believe I ought not to dispense with pointing out the means of recognising them, and for this purpose I shall be obliged to have recourse to some particular process.By boiling the finety divided earth in water, we can separate from it all the soluble salts it contains, and the evaporation of the liquid, which holds them in solution, will enable us'to MBT know their natures and proportions. If he operation MBT Shoes be carefully conducted, the.saltsoan be obtained in crystals, and, by the character of these, their properties can b distinguished. Nitre has a sharp taste, and eonstimes upon glowing charcoal; marine salt decrepitates, and splits tory burch outlet with a sparkling appearanceover the fire; the sulphate of sods, swells up with the heat,nature and action of manures. giving out an aqueous smoke, and leaving a dry white residuum. But when the salts are insoluble, as phosphate of lime ; or soluble with difficulty, as sulphate of lime, water will not act upon them, and they remain mixed with the earth without their existence being suspected, as tory burch flats long as an analysis is confined to the limits I have laid down. However, these substances, especially the sulphate of lime, influence so much the quality of soils, that it is necessary to furnish the means for ascertaining their existence.


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