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birkenstock shoes more than
October millennium, seems to be birkenstock shoes more than in previous years to heat more. At least for the freshmen are participating in military training, Yang Chong is the case. Yang Chong is a freshman. Yang Chong is a freshman birkenstocks from that lazy people. She often said that his greatest birkenstock aspiration in life is to sleep in till noon every day. So, in her third year with the recklessly Siken d only one year. Drawn from the primary basis for relying on her for a fight even after the exclusion of life admitted to key universities - T large art department! T is the fancy that a large art department made a name for the Style freedom. Yang Chong imagination, into the T large, essentially equivalent to heaven, those who slept for a while up late painting painting every day ... ... no need to hard boil Si Pin, but not because of my mom's nagging and the head faint brain flowers. So she happily registration, to find the bedroom, say goodbye to the parents of both hands in tears ... ... After a series of busy, finally came of their own shadow university career. T large beautiful campus, with the poem into a piece of TV drama as pear and cherry forest forest, beautiful scenery to the people who started coming into a certain misunderstanding their own parks, but also the kind of staggering. Have school days, and Yang washed away in the school teaching area will accidentally get lost! Bedroom area is the latest built, neat appearance of imitation Ming and Qing Huizhou architecture, its configuration is known as high-profile facilities with international standards fully enclosed apartment, it is said some canteens are the same color for more than two posts chef certificate. But removing that layer of gorgeous shell, experienced initial excitement and ecstasy of the new school, Yang Chong Then I understood that the school had the world are the same, only difference is that confining the models only. Less than two weeks earlier admission, Yang rushed to the former high school teacher has been found to lie, and said what academic freedom easily, but the original attendance as there are rules, even accidentally hear Shijie Men that was when - in particular T big focus in this university. Think of this, Yang Chong could not help but frowned. Zaozhidaojiu test a loosely third-rate college. She thought, while mercilessly stuffed into the mouth of a large potato. Delicious! Lunch at noon is a half-past eleven, when popular than. Can not blame her irregular diet, it is rare for a weekend, different sleep until noon I'm sorry she just bought a large pillow. Get up too late because the school had stopped a large cafeteria for lunch, but under Young rushed outside the school only went to a small restaurant on livelihood issues. This is a newly opened small restaurant near the buffet. Evening to the students in twos and threes sparse sitting here, enjoying the cuisine of their own.
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Shop yard, the house owner's weakly placed sound "myheartwillgono" melody. Yang Chong meet to carrying a full plate of food sitting in a window seat on the large cut-yee. She came today, very good luck, happened to catch up usually birkenstock outlet her favorite guests eat on that table leave. This side of the wall-table, put the table other than the room to tiny, at most, can seat six people, but the table next to the window in this is precisely a small garden. The child sat on the side of the array of food, from the side of the butterflies flying bird contend, is really not a good feeling. Now, she dominated the comfort of a person the table. In October of the sun through the shade of a tree, spreading from the windows sideways in, split the lit classes mottled lazy person, the heart is also lazy. Is trying to use chopsticks and a small piece of muscle meat on the ribs fight it, become more Yang Chong suddenly felt something opposite. Hand side non-stop action, while unconsciously looked up. Then, she was stunned. Is carrying a boy sat down across from her plate, thin broken pieces of light through the glass window and dropping points in his body, with a little bit dim glow, dyed by the window that his body is like a hemi- the bright color on a layer of soft tone. He wore a thin blue gray turtleneck sweater, woven with large twist knot. Style is simple, even a little rustic. However, because the people who wear it, but it has become simple and whims, Chen De Prince the man vaguely like a kind of precious. Never believe what Allure masterpiece, but the opposite is slowly sit down to see the boy of the moment, Yang Chong felt his breathing birkenstock sandals paused. The brain is in a chaotic state, only one thought is constantly drill to drill - I wish I could know him enough. Little boys face, it is very focused on looking at their own hands plate.


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