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birkenstocks copy of the
He was tall, visually at least one meter eighty, which is rare in the south. More rare is the ratio of the body is very symmetrical, Chong Yang in the eyes of the fine arts, which is the subject of a very important guy. His hair was dark, reddish black jade-like luster, service along the birkenstock sandals close, a little long, hanging in the neck, the slightest, and shine in the sun is shining light. Chong Yang features ... ... never thought in life to see that the facial features. It's like painting the same. Cut a long face, square chin is the kind of rounded edges, and the middle also has a faint dent. White porcelain-like skin, delicate and a slight trace of red, even sitting across from him can not see the pores on the nose. The eye is not particularly large, but narrow, and that Eye for Young felt the impulse to say the novel is coming from flying into what kind of situation. Slightly on the pick of his eyes, long eyelashes, Alice, pupil of the eye color is a deep amber, the rise of casual glance gonna let Yang, sitting across from him natural red heart screen surprised by something like a tap on the apical . His nose slightly with a little bit crooked, some thin lips, the color is pale pink, suffused with an attractive sheen. As previously Chong Yang plaster birkenstocks copy of the beautiful boy, he can only use the whole person to a "beautiful shape" to describe, but also the kind of slightly more Sentimental! Yang Chong Leng Leng sitting opposite him, absence of a mouth-free port to send the food into their mouths, completely dull. Now she does not understand their sense of what the boy, she only knew that he wanted to paint him, mad to paint! This is the junior high school when she had the bad habit of seeing the structure of a beautiful people who just want to draw into their sketchbooks - and do not know whether knowledge, for which she was making for many jokes. birkenstock outlet How can you know him? How to tell him they want to open paint him? Yang Chong ask yourself, take the initiative to open? Not to mention do not just have to put yourself under the facial skin, one in terms of ... ... that this behavior is not restrained by it too, maybe the other party will think they struck up a conversation with him and see him this look, from small to greatly harassment should be a few , so hastily rushed to ... ... think, Yang Chong in the bottom of my heart heavy sigh. Had become insipid delicious food together. The boy did not notice his opposite side of a girl eating while also looking at opportunities from time to time by the rise of their own.
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All birkenstock his energies are in front of the food. Early this morning to soak in the library, to eat now, early hungry. For a time, they are silent, the air only Schilling? Dion long it politely repeating voice in my heart will go on singing. Light singing voice whispering, made red heart is itching Yang. To speak, she wanted to speak, in particular, across the boy wanted to talk! However, why they can only sit here stunned, pretending to be casually peeping at each other. Good for nothing! Yang Chong, you are not always boasted bold it? How suddenly a lady now? "Young Auntie!" A crisp voice interrupted Young girls rushed the self-pity. Ah? Chong Yang Wensheng almost scared out of the hands of the chopsticks. I looked up, greeted by a flashing silver in the braces. An eight-year-old little girl is carrying a plate look very Yang Chong brilliant smile, do not mind their metal braces are the sun sparkling streamer. "Young Auntie, you are now eating it?" The girl spoke, he put his plate on the table that no one sat side. "Yes, green is also now eat?" Yang washed away her absent-minded, friendly girl with a smile of greeting. This girl is washed their dormitory tube Yang F, daughter, sister, very smart and lively, is typical to see people mature. Ten days before his admission, not the past of her mother downstairs canteen to open in the dormitory bought a few things back, the girl to remember her name. Because of her stubborn mother to the students called her big sister, so the green and out of the students are asking the same color of the "uncle" "aunt." Students protest after failed several times, we also had them with the mother and daughter, one a little older, have also become elders. "Yes ah," Green said, while Bankai in the hands of chopsticks, "Today my mother to eat their cooking, I do not want it. Or some of this delicious meal." Said the girl turned around and disdain, eyeball were rolling a turn, a sudden increase birkenstock shoes in the volume, "ah, Luo Shushu, you're it!" she said, moving in opposite Yang Chong boy. Yang Chong felt his own heart to be the minutes of arrest, and green even know that boy?


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