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birkenstock outlet night to go where

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birkenstock outlet night to go where
Read flag, Xiao Jiang said: "I've been to Beijing and is a back who died, and I feel suddenly mature." Qiu Fei said: "The maturity of the child to stop the folly." Mini Jiang said: "No, I go back a good work, good money, find good man, a good live." Qiu Fei said: "Do you really think so like." Xiaojiang in the Xidan Civil Aviation Building, bought back at noon Shenzhen ticket, to rush back to the factory before work today, QIU Fei a telephone call to the director, said a few good words for Xiao Jiang, promised not to fire director Xiao Jiang, Xiao Jiang Qiu fly very grateful that we must help Qiu Fei and Zhou Zhou compound, Qiu Fei said, thanks, he'll take care of. Qiu Xiao Jiang Fei help retire the room, to the airport to the Xiaojiang, back, and Zhou Zhou's house to hand the wallet and keys were still on the table. Zhou Zhou had no signs of coming back, playing fly Qiu Zhou Zhou, mobile phone, or shut down, and beat Zhou Zhougong Secretary phone, Zhou Zhou received, and Qiu Fei asked her last birkenstock outlet night to go where, and why the phone has been shut down, Zhou Zhou said is work, they hung up. birkenstock shoes Noon, Qiu fly out 20 coins from the purse downstairs to buy food, came back found that week changed the location of boat slippers, and she came back. Yang Yang then a phone call last night to ask where the fly Qiu Qiu fly it to have. Yang Yang said: "This thing you should tell the truth with Zhou Zhou, she just called me and asked me What did you do last night, I went to install the signal is not good, pull the battery." Qiu Fei said: "I'm afraid her to think about, so the start, said no, that thing finished soon, did not expect to grow bigger. "Qiu fly after lunch, went to bed, tossing one night,
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long ago tired. Do not know how long sleep, stumbled in the sense of someone opening the door, looked out the window Chiu fly eyes, the sky is already dark. Church of God fly slow for a while before giving their own space and time where and clear consciousness. Living room lights, and Zhou Zhou came back from work. Qiu fly out of the bedroom, on the Zhou Zhou said: "The work in the evening you want some what?" Zhou Zhou said: "Why do you go last night?" Qiu Fei not completely wake up, sometimes ill-prepared, a casually said : "No why." Zhou Zhou said: "When are you going to tell me the truth?" Qiu Fei interrupted, said: "Where did you go last night?" Zhou Zhou frankly said: "OK, I'll tell you where I went , and I've been home my mother. "Qiu Fei said:" Why did you phone has been shut down? "Zhou Zhou said:" No electricity, no band portable charger. "Qiu Fei said:" That how your home phone also no answer. "Zhou Zhou said:" My mother my father age big sleep at birkenstock night when they are pulling telephone line, fear not sleep well. "Qiu Fei asked:" Do you not come back at noon too? "Week Zhou said: "The return for the charger, take the left had." Qiu fly no longer speak. Zhou Zhou said: "You ask, after I had it, you hear me say that." Qiu Fei said: "You said." Zhou Zhou said: "Yesterday was my dad six-year-old birthday, is the They call me you used to eat, but also specifically asked me not tell you is his birthday, afraid of what you buy, the results we are waiting for you for an hour, you do not have to, food is cold, hot again, then waited for an hour, you still not that they asked me why do you, I had to dumb for you, that you thing the company can actually do you why I do not know, do not take phone birkenstock sandals calls. "Qiu Fei was guilty, said:" Then I Please go to your home bar tomorrow to make up your dad's birthday. "Zhou Zhou said:" has no meaning, you still busy with your right. "Qiu flying boat approached the week, trying to hug her, Zhou Zhou dodge the. birkenstocks Chiu Fei said: "You have to ask what I asked it, I tell you the truth." Zhou Zhou said: "I do not want to ask you what the past few days outside our training, I live my mother home from was near. "talking to collect her things. Chiu Fei said: "After dinner and then go that you and talk." Zhou Zhou, only to pack things, said: "not hungry, but also nothing to talk to." Qiu Fei sat to one side, said: "In fact, yesterday came a friend, a little things too hard, I can not help children to go.


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