birkenstock shoes open house yesterday

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birkenstock shoes open house yesterday

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birkenstock shoes open house yesterday
"Zhou Zhou interrupted:" You do not have to explain to me, I do not want to hear, these days what you pack your things. "Qiu Fei asked:" clean up Why do something? "Zhou Zhou said:" You move out. "Qiu Fei asked:" Why? "Zhou Zhou took out a piece of paper from his pocket, said:" This is your birkenstock shoes open house yesterday, invoices, off the ground, I come back at noon to see. "finish picked up packages left. Check out the time the invoice is Xiaojiang, attendants asked the invoice you, Yang Yang, the company needs an invoice, Qiu Fei opened, complete wallet open, noon to buy food from the purse when pumping money to bring out the invoice , did not pay attention. Chiu Fei catch up with the door, Chong Zhou Zhou shouted: "not what you think!" Elevator doors have been closed. Qiu Fei Zhou Zhou's cell phone to play, hit three times, have been hung up. Then Xiaojiang sent messages that had come to the factory, met with the director, withheld wages for three days, to work as usual tomorrow. Chiu Fei replied: "I can suffer, and girlfriend ignore me." Xiao Jiang asked: "What did you do yesterday you told her yet?" Qiu Fei said: "No, she misunderstood." Xiao Jiang said : "You should tell her, girls hate her boyfriend a lie." Qiu Fei said: "I regret it, should tell her from the start, but I was afraid of her to think about, too late now." Xiao Jiang said: " more active Zhaozhao her, you will and birkenstocks good. "Qiu Xiao Jiang Fei feel like this thing too easy, so no further response. May be the character of reasons, reluctant to allow Chiu Fei Zhou Zhou, a confidante, do not want too close to him and another woman, she is also the case, there are not too close male friends, she felt that men and women is not too close unless it is men and women friends, this is the attitude of her love. So it did not fly Qiu Xiao Jiang's thing to tell Zhou Zhou, he thought, see Xiaojiang side say a few words on the line, anyway, irrelevant, Zhou Zhou know but will not be happy, no birkenstock sandals one thought of the final is such a result. The next day, trying to contact Qiu Fei Zhou Zhou, attempted. When off duty, Yang Yang talk about a few people to eat things that come with flying named Qiu Qiu Fei did not go, said quietly to himself. Qiu fly away only to find the way home, tonight is Christmas Eve.
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Brilliantly illuminated streets, people coming and going, and Qiu fly a person feel lonely at this time. Zhou Zhou to call, to dinner, Zhou Zhou has hung up, send text birkenstock messages to Zhou Zhou, did not return, Qiu fly only one turn back. Street of restaurants are all human, there Shabu-Shabu, there are barbecues, and all children in that smoke, patrons talk quite well, exultant, flying more Qiu feel lonely. A couple of tables filled with meat and vegetables, Qiu Fei thought, point it got me to eat more, to see that the two men first met soon. Small groups of students loitering in the street, holding grilled squid, and spicy string, are cold, still eating with gusto, rubbing his mouth, fooling the way, laughter continued, Qiu Fei wanted stepped forward to let them play with themselves. In such a time, this kind of environment, a person's feeling very upset. Do not know if the boat this time in doing, Qiu fly to. Came across a group of people, laugh, spirits high, the entire road ones are taken, Qiu Fei hide them sideways to stand outside on the steps of a restaurant, flight attendant that the Church should eat, to open the door, said inside, please. Qiu fly like that since the door opened, they go inside, did not eat it anyway. Several flight attendants asked Qiu, Chiu said a flight, flight attendants Chiu looked strange look, leading him to the way children sit down. Obviously, this time a person is not normal eating. Chiu Fei sat down, point a meal, looked around and saw the small little music now and an old man sitting face to face around the pot, the old man waving arms, eloquently, eating Ding Le bow, from time to birkenstock outlet time to look up what something cooked a pot the.And the small little music to eat the old man is a director and producer, a young man practiced Wu, seniority, then, and Sammo Hung operator generation, and the twentieth century began in the late eighties in utility man crew, did a number of kung fu stars substitute, with the growth experience, has done choreography, martial arts, action director, is now old, could not move, they use the original resources, lookin to do their own children film director. General martial arts actors like to own the name from a swift and fierce,


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