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birkenstock sandals master of long

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birkenstock sandals master of long
What dragon, since he gave himself the name of more than Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee has momentum, called rex. He gave music a small little business card, on the back of his upper body naked pictures of children, Muguangxionghen, arms stout, Bengzhuo effort, veins burst, next to the line Juanxiu the small print: the world's leading action star director, Tyrannosaurus rex, QQ: 291257571 . Music is running a small group of small time know this person, intended to make an action blockbuster Tyrannosaurus rex children, at least, "Ye ask," that level, rented an office in a duplex house recruitment actor. Tyrannosaur upstairs usually the Internet, deputy director in the downstairs reception actors are poor, directly sent, and conditions are good, and brought her upstairs to T. rex have a look, then small talk. D should be taken to a small music upstairs, upstairs, she did not know what the situation, kept that in mind, said Wei feet, and on not building, deputy director and report it to go, and Tyrannosaurus rex 1, desperate, how can the next director House see the actors, or were too, and no less than. Assistant director, said the actor was also good, especially line role, you should look. Being selected is the role of actress sister of a kung fu master, and birkenstock sandals master of long life together, smoked head dyed ears also a number of martial arts, and Meiqingmuxiu, apprentice master of the congregation for her jealousy, because the school practiced small little music, dance, high school training over long-distance running, start actions to, rhythmic, and actress of style and no substance other than up, like it's going children. Tyrannosaurus rex would like, assistant director for the first time evaluation of an actor so, then let's see it, then went downstairs. Assistant director for the small little happy to introduce myself, Ding small music that just does not have told you about after you, deputy director said that you give the director introduce the small little happy that there was nothing presented, she left your resume is written. Ding Le rex read resume that will get you one you left me QQ. Ding Le said she left a mobile phone, a thing called on the line. Tyrannosaur wrote the script and sometimes need to pass information to you, or leave a QQ bar, then left a small little music on Yang Yang's QQ. Le gone Ding, deputy director of education rex said: "consistent with the role, not only to look at appearance, temperament, and martial arts, but also the man, just the girl, should learn life again. Cast the line, only learn to please the director, be considered learn to behave. "tyrannosaur birkenstock was really added a small little birkenstock outlet music left QQ, Yang Yang is online at that time, the small little music is also next to the Tyrannosaurus rex, when certified by friends sent word: beauty, I rex. Yang Yang reread, said: "This is what stupid X, ah, like a woman like crazy." Ding said it was fun for her interview the director, Yang Yang will be added as friends, and Tyrannosaurus rex birkenstock shoes online chat together. Tyrannosaur wrote his plays start next month, the role I'm not sure, Yang Yang said: "That you do not hurry for actors, there is something children online chatter?" T. rex did not know and chat with him is that Yang Yang, said: "I am not to cast you in the election, met many people who still think you are right, you sign our company, and let us pushing you,
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for sure make you famous overnight." talking request sent video to look at chat. Yang Yang received a video request, the T. rex look, and their own chat does not seem to have seen the girls that day, Yang Yang asked: "how do you different now?" Yang Yang said: "I've been this way." Tyrannosaur quickly broken video , Yang Yang asked: "Who are you?" Yang Yang said: "I am happy boyfriend Ding." After half a day, rex sent word: "You look very spiritual." Yang Yang Huiliaoyiju him: "You looks very vicissitudes. "Tyrannosaurus rex did not say anything. A month later, Yang Yang QQ, met often in the tyrannosaur, asked him: "how do you do hanging QQ, did not go to a studio ah." Rex said: "still looking for actors to find the boot." Then, after month, the T. rex to the small little music make a telephone call, ask the small little music: "Why do it?" Ding said: "The not doing, move along it." tyrannosaur asked: "and your boyfriend okay." That just the small little music students Yang Yang of the gas, said: "I had him kicking." rex said: "Very good, young age, talk about love, ah, it is necessary to cause the weight to make some of the films, so that the country and the world know your audience. "Ding said:" The you that the film was it? "rex said:" not being shot, had intended to please a foreign birkenstocks star, birkenstocks


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