their only object

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their only object

Post  chersfirea on Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:35 pm

their only object( In this kind of fasting, their only object was, that they might be more lively and unembarrassed in prayer. And we find by experience, that after a full meal the mind does not aspiretowards God so as to be able to enter on prayer, and to continue in it with seriousness and ardour tory burch sale of affection. So we are tory burch flats to understand what Luke says of Anna, that she served God with fastings and prayers." (u) For he tory burch shoes does tory burch outlet not place the worship of God in fasting, but signifies that by such means that holy woman habituated herself to a constancy in prayer. Such was die fasting of Nehemiah, when he prayed to God with more than common fervour for the deliverance of his people, (t?) For this cause Paul declares it to be expedient for the faithful to practise a temporary abstinence from lawful enjoyments, that they may be more at liberty to give themselves to fasting and prayer." (rv) For by connecting fasting with prayer as an assistance to it, he signifies that fasting is of no importance in itself any further than as it is directed to this end. Besides, from the direction which he gives in that place to husbands and wives, to MBT u render to" each other "due benevolence," it is clear that he is not speaking of daily prayers, but of such as require peculiar earnestness MBT Shoes Clearance of attention.XVII. In like manner, when war, pestilence, or famine begins to rage, or when any other calamity appears to threaten a country and people, then also it is the duty of pastors to exhort the Church to MBT Shoes fasting, that with humble supplications they may deprecate the wrath of the Lord: for when he causes danger to appear, he announces himself as prepared and armed for vengeance.


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