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Post  chersfirea on Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:36 pm

the customTherefore as it was anciently the custom for criminals to appear with long beards, dishevelled hair, and mourning apparel, in order to excite the pity of the judge; so when we stand as criminals before the tribunal of God, it is conducive to his glory and the general edification, as well as expedient and salujjiry for ourselves, to deprecate his severity by external demonstrations of tory burch outlet sorrow. That this was customary among the people of Israel, it Is easy to infer from the language of Joel; for when he commands to blow the trumpet, sanctify a fast, and call a solemn assembly," (x) and proceeds to give other tory burch sale directions, he MBT Shoes speaks as of things commonly practised. He had just beforesaid that inquisition was made respecting the crimes of the people, had announced tfiat the day of the Lord was at hand, and had cited them as criminals to appear and answer for themselves: afterwards, he warns them to have recourse to sackcloth and ashes, to weeping and mourning, that is, to prostrate themselves before the Lord with MBT Shoes Clearance external demonstrations of humility. Sackcloth and ashes perhaps were more suitable to those times; but there is no doubt that assembling, and weeping, and fastings, and similar acts, are equally proper for us in the present age, whenever the state of our affairs requires them. For as it is a holy exercise, tory burch flats adapted both to humble men and to confess their humility, why should it be less used by us then by the ancients in similar necessities? We read that fasting in MBT token tory burch shoes of sorrow was not only practised by the Israelitish Church, which was formed and regulated by the word of God, but also by the inhabitants of Nineveh, who had no instruction except the preaching of Jonah. (y) What cause then is there, why we should not practise the same?


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