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Post  chersfirea on Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:36 pm

it will be saidBut, it will be said, It is an external ceremony, which with all the rest terminated in Christ. I reply, that even at this day it is, as it always has been, .a rnost excellent assistance and useful admonition to the faithful, to stimulate them, and guard them against further provocations of God by tory burch flats their carelessness and inattention, when they are chastised by his scourges. Therefore, when Christ excuses his aposdes for not fasting, he does not sty MBT Shoes Clearance that fasting is abolished, tory burch outlet but appoints it for seasons of calamity, and connects it with sorrow. " The days will come," says he, " when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them." (z)XVIII. That there may be no mistake respecting the term, let us define what fasting is. For we do not understand it to denote mere temperance and abstinence in eating and drinking, but something more. The life of the faithful, indeed, ought to be so regulated by frugality and sobriety, as to exhibit, as far as possible, the appearance of a perpetual fast. But beside this, there is another MBT temporary fast, whenwe retrench any thing from our customary mode of living, either for a day or for any certain time, and MBT Shoes prescribe to ourselves a more than commonly rigid and severe abstinence in food. This restriction consists in three things, in time, in quality, and in quantity of food. By time, I mean that we should perform, while fasting, those exercises on account of which fasts are tory burch sale instituted. As for example, if any one fast for solemn prayer, he should not break his fast till he has attended to it. The quality consists in an entire abstinence from dainties, and content with simpler and humbler fare, that our appetite may not be stimulated tory burch shoes by delicacies.


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