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Post  livelingcher on Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:41 pm

some continuallyThus, some continually insist on things to be believed, seldom adverting to what is to be done; or they harp on some particular doctrine or doctrines, to the tory burch sale neglect of the rest: while others again, with uniform iteration, commend and enforce what is "just," and " pure," "good " and " becoming," with little or no reference to the objects of faith. In one community, the great things may be the Priesthood, the Sacraments, the Church; in another, matters of speculation put argumentatively before the understanding. Here you are lulled by the constant murmur of the words of peace and the waters of comfort; there, you are alarmed by a ceaseless call for the bitterness of repentance and the baptism of tears.Times of religious reaction naturally give rise to exorbitancy and onesidedness of opinion. Reformation comes to be required by some error or abuse which gets to- be acknowledged and can no longer be endured. But all errors spring up in the neighbourhood of some truth; they grow round about it, and, for the most part, derive their strength from such contiguity. When, then, the mind of a church or ofa nation is aroused, and the axe of reform is brought forth and laid at the root of the tree,when the heart is pulsating with a fervid zeal, and the hand and arm strong and steady from resolute purpose,there is great danger of error and truth being cut down and rooted out together. The human mind is prone to extremes; especially so, in popular action. Indeed, the most of tory burch flats reformers are not only men of one idea, but they generally speak and act as if they were quite certain that the extreme opposite to wrong must be right. Their tendency, therefore, is to advocate and aim at that extreme. Different ages have done, and different parties in the Church do this. One after another Communities have arisen exaggerating one or two points, and almost losing sight of every thing else. They have thus cut, so to speak, the great system of Truth MBT Shoes Clearance into pieces; each has seized tory burch shoes on a separate portion, and, exulting in the possession of it, keeps holding it up as if it were the whole. A living body does not consist of so many MBT separate limbs and members. There must be organic completeness, if there is to be vital action. There may be life, indeed, and strength too, where a limb has been lost, or an arm MBT Shoes wounded. So, Churches, Systems, and individual Christian men must, we suppose, be charitably regarded as holding (and being) what is alive, though tory burch outlet maimed,rather than as each treasuring (or constituting) a withered or dead hand or foot.


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