low and worldly

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low and worldly

Post  livelingcher on Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:50 pm

low and worldly

Where these are low MBT Shoes and worldly, or are suffered tobecome so; where the nature is inherently gross, sensual, sordid,or where it is weak, sensitive, impressible, and alive to questionable influences; or where the man ceases to watch and pray; to keep up the tone and attend to the culture of his inner life in these and all MBT similar cases, money may act like a canker and a curse.This is the aspect of the subject we have to do with to-day. Our business is with the dark side of the thing as it affects the spiritual interests of humanity. We propose showing youconfining ourselves to the New Testamenthow, in consequence of the state of the heart, and the wrong relation in which a man may stand towards money, its influence on his religious life may be most disast rous. You will see, as we go on, how wealth faces religion as an antagonist; fights with it, and seeks to thwart and destroy it, at every step, from beginning to end. Money may obstruct the entrance of religion MBT Shoes Clearance into the soul; it may attack it when it enters; it may resist its continuance there, and rebel against its rule; it may undermine its power; it may seduce its supporters, and corrupt its administration, and produce a variety of the most lamentable results; and, finally, it may sink the soul tory burch flats of its victim into black and bottomless perdition; when, from being merely as so much " thick clay " with which its toiling and hard-worked tory burch sale slaves laid themselves, it will change into pitch and bitumen,and will burst into flame, and " eat their flesh as it were fire! " These general statements we are to support and substantiate, by collecting and classifying some of those pregnant and suggestive utterances which are to be met with among " the true sayings of God."We begin by noticing the principle which our Lord laid down and largely illustrated at the commencement of his ministry;the principle, that, if the heart is not cleared of the love of the world, and of the things of the world, there will be no room in it for the love of the Father; or, which comes to the same thing, if the love of God, and of God's service, has not, in any given case, such strength as to repress and expel every base affection, the tory burch shoes man cannot be the tory burch outlet subject of spiritual life. No man can serve two masters,two masters whose characters and commands are opposite and contrary the one to the other.


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