Having committed

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Having committed

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Having committed

Having committed some of his views on those subjects to writing, as well for his own satisfaction as for such iuture use as might Tory Burch Handbags appear to him right, and those papers remaining by him in their original state, the prospect which now presented was to review them in company with his Mend, and to form an essay to precede the Analysis, expressive of his settled belief of the real state, nature and relations of the human compound being, as it originally came from the hand of the allwise Creator, as well as under its various circumstances arising from obedience to, or rejection of, the divine law internally revealed; apprehending that Tory Burch Sale an explanation of thoseprinciples would assist the unprejudiced mind in comprehending the doctrines contained in the work he had been engaged in, as well as furnish the reader with subjects of reflection relative to his own individual state.Under this united engagement, the Essay received its form and arrangement.The first section is wholly John Jones's production, taken by himself from his original papers.Of the second section, the two latter paragraphs only were original with him. The fore part being offered by his friend, was approved and adopted.The third section partakes but little of matter not originally his own.The fourth section comprises doctrines which were in his view of much importance. On it he, therefore, bestowed peculiar attention. The last paragraph only was offered to his adoption, and gratefully accepted.For a fifth section he proposed a definition of true religion, so far as remained necessary to illustrate the foregoing principles. But under this head he had by him only a few observations, which, being sketched at a period when his views were not extended to the present particular object, did not appear to be well adapted to the purpose. It being now very desirable to him to have his mind released from every species of fatigue, he felt satisfied in committing this subject entirely to his friend, to act in as he might afterward find a qualification. This section was, however, at a later period read to Tory Burch Outlet him, and thankfully approved by him.As the subject of the sixth section had then received but little public discussion, and as his views thereof were supposed to be likely to excite Tory Burch Flats some alarm, as being opposed to general and long established prejudices, the omission of the publication of a section on this subject at that time was proposed to the author's ! consideration.


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