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To this proposition

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To this proposition

To this proposition he decidedly ob; jected, as believing it expedient that the public atten; tion should be drawn to a doctrine,, which, he apprehended, had been a prolific cause of Tory Burch Sale the prevalence of darkness andconfusion amongst the professors of religion; and standing opposed in the gross and superstitious manner in which they had in ages of apostacy accepted some metaphorical expressions in scripture, to the attainment of the true knowledge of correct religious principles. In the course of communication with his friend, the author had requested him to make any corrections or further explanation of the work, that should afterward appear to be expedient, to render any subject more clearly explicit, preserving the general principles unchanged. The section on conscience, then inserted from his former notes, being but one short paragraph, not satisfactorily explicit, and he feeling his mind released from further attention thereto, its place has since, conformably with the aforesaid request, been supplied by the section now inserted; which will be perceived to correspond Tory Burch Outlet with his general views.The Essay being thus disposed of, a subject still remained. After commencing the review of the Analysis, the author apprehended an advantage might result from offering some observations as an introduction; but it appeared to him that it would be too great a task, under his present bodily weakness, Tory Burch Flats to devote any attention thereto. He had, therefore, early committed the consideration of this subject to his friend, to be taken up as he might find a qualification, after their jointlabours should be completed. It now becaihe necessary for his friend to personate the author in a more intimate manner than heretofore, in an attempt to collect and embody such reflections and observations as had occurred to himself in the course of the review, or as might occur during this engagement, as proper for the author to offer. The introductory address was the result of this attempt. The latter paragraphs, however, Tory Burch Handbags relating to the author's own moral conduct, wereafter the foregoing had been submitted to him, and fully approveddrawn up by his instructions, carefully reviewed by him, signed with his own hand, and subjoined at his request; as a public acknowledgment to his friends in religious communion, and to the world, for those errors of his life which he deeply regretted, though now favoured with abundant mental evidence of the mercy and forgiveness of his gracious Redeemer.


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