The conclusion

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The conclusion

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The conclusion

The conclusion was afterward prepared at the author's request, upon a plan suggested by himself, and approved in the last interview between him and his friend.The following reasons have operated on the mind of the editor, in presenting to the reader a Tory Burch Outlet sketch of the progress and completion of the work before him.First,'It appeared to be the desire of John Jones, not to be considered as the author of productions not his own; and, in conformity with this desire, he had, shortly before his decease, requested, and received an assurance, that a memorandum of the aid received would be inserted in the volume.Secondly,That if any of those parjs pointed out as being only adopted by the author, should appear objectionable to any judicious reader, the censure or disapprobation, thence arising, may not be allowed to operate to the prejudice of the author's own immediate productions.And, thirdly,A sufficient apology may, perhaps, be thence inferred for whatever may be found in Tory Burch Flats the volume, in the form of notes, or otherwise, under an editorial Tory Burch Sale denotation.It may, perhaps, be not improper here to observe, first, that the great end in view with John Jones, was an illustration of the spirituality of the Christian dispensation, in opposition to superstition, formality, and vague, incongruous or inexplicable opinions of every kind with which the world abounds. Particularly apprehending that the gross superstitions and monstrous absurdities which had, in the long established creeds and practices of some societies of religious professors, been blended with the profession of the Christian faith, but between which there was no more kindred alliance than between the olive tree and the bramble, or between light and darkness, had been a cause extensively operating to bring the Christian religion into disgrace, in the view _ of many in a nation at that time acting a conspicuous part on the continent of Europe, and raising in the room thereof, principles of infidelity, and a contempt of the benign doctrines of the gospel. For the sake of that nation he waS particularly interested as a door was then opened for free investigation, which has since, by the overturning of " principalities and powers," and the reestablishment of a species of censorship over the minds and consciences of men, been in a great measure closed.


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