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keeps the boys

Post  makokoice on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:13 pm

keeps the boysBy that I mean to say, that he keeps the boys in order the best,does the most towards make ing men of them. He don't keep school, for he works on his farm by day as hard as anybody, and he was brought up to college too; but the boys are mighty apt to get together at his house, and get him to talk to them. He seemsĀ»to have a faculty of making men of them. I reckon my boys get more good by going there, than by going to school; though we have a pretty smart schoolma'am from down East. But you want a school for your boys : well, I don't know as it makes much tory burch sale difference which they go MBT Trainers toall the schools are pretty good I believe. The greatest difficultyseems to be, that our schoolma'ams all get married as soon as they get their schools under headway, and that is an end of their teachfog."" I want to send my boy to the very best school," said Potter, in his earnestness raising his voice. " You see, I'm from the old country, and I heard that a way off in this country, . a "blacksmith's boy could be allowed to go to the best schools, and be as well treated as the best of them, if he behaved himself: and I said, That's the country for me. So here I am, and I believe the case is about as it was told me. Why, where I lived, in the old country, do you think my boy could go tory burch shoes to school with the Minister's son ? His Rever ence, they called him,I'm glad you haven't any such creatures here,when you spoke to him you mustn't say, Sir, or Mister, but ' Your Reverence As I was saying, my boy couldn't go to MBT Shoes school with his boy, or the Squire's. Not at all. Well, to see how different it is in your country, that is, in this country, or my country,for it is mine now,I say, just see how different it is here. The day after I got my bellows agoing, your Minister,I mean our Minister, came along tory burch outlet witlr MBT a boy on each hand, and stopped at the door of the shop, and said he, 'You mean to send your boy there to school ?'"' tory burch flats Of course I does,' said I. don't know exactly what school to send him to: I'm a stranger here.'"'You can't make any mistake,' said he.# Our schools are all pretty good.'"' Are you willing that my boy should go to school where yours do V said I."Willing!' says he: 'Why not? You have a right to send your boy where you please.


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