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. he has a mind

Post  makokoice on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:16 pm

. he has a mind

" But if a nation has a king, he can do as he has tory burch shoes a mind to," said one; " he may not have a mind to make such laws, or he may not have a mind to have them executed."u A country in which the laws depend upon the will of a king, cannot be a free country; in order to be a free country, tory burch sale there must be a government of laws, and the king must he bound by the laws as well as anybody else."u I thought kings could always do as they tory burch flats pleased."" It is only when they are possessed of absolute power, as it is called, that they can do as they please. But all kings are not absolute monarchs: a king over a country that has a constitution, is bound by that constitution. If that constitution be a wise one, and the laws passed under it are wise, then the country may as really be a free country, as if it have the forms of republicanism."i Now," said William, " I know the meaning of that sentence in the piece I spokeA constitutional monarchy is consistent with freedom!'""Father," said Howard, "I don't see but that a country under an absolute monarch maybe a free country. Suppose the absolute monarch should make laws allowing every MBT one to do what is right, and forbidding only that which is wrong, and should faithfully execute those laws ? Wouldn't that country be a free country ? I know it seems odd to say so."" That MBT Shoes Clearance is, it seems rather odd to call a country whose government is an absolute despotism, a free country."" Yes, sir."" It is essential to liberty, that there should be security against tory burch outlet wrong. Now, if an absolute monarch should do as you have supposed, that country might be said to enjoy liberty for the time being; but it could not be called a free country, because it has no security for the continuance of such a state of things. The monarch may abolish all such laws whenever he MBT Shoes pleases, and proceed to oppress the people. A slave may be permitted to go where he pleases, for a time, and he may for a time enjoy as much freedom as a freeman, yet he is not a freeman so long as he is liable at any. moment to be wholly subjected to the will of another.


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