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tiffany and co outlet
The astonishment and fear which the inhabitants of Mexico and Peru expressed at the sight of horses and their riders, convinced the Spaniards that this animal was entirely unknown in those countries. They therefore carried thither a great number, as well for service and their particular utility, as to propagate the breed. tiffany on sale M. de la Salle, in 1685, saw in the northern parts of America, near the bay of St. Louis, whole troops of these wild tiffany jewelry outlet horses, feeding tiffany & co outlet in the pastures, which were so fierce that no one dared to approach them. The author of the History of the Adventures of the Buccaneers, says, that, in the island of St Domingo, horses may sometimes be seen in troops of upwards of five hundred, all running together; and that as soon as they see a man, they will all stop. That one of them will approach to a certain distance, snort, take flight, and then all the rest will follow him. To catch them, they make use of nooses made tiffany outlet of ropes, which they spread and hang in places which they know they frequent. But if they are caught by the neck they strangle themselves, unless the hunter comes in time to their assistance, who instantly secures them by the body and legs, and fastens them to trees, where they are left for two tiffany and co outlet days without either food or drink. This experiment is sufficient to begin to make them tractable, and in time they become as much so as if they had never been wild. And even if by chance they ever regain their liberty, they never become so again, but know their masters, and suffer them to catch them again without trouble.


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