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tiffany on sale
It is a native of Asia, living, like the tiffany outlet rest of this genus, in a gregarious manner. It chiefly occurs in the dry and mountainous deserts of Tartary, and in the southern parts of India and Persia, It is frequently spoken of as being met with, by travellers in Africa; but the quagga, which abounds in Southern Africa, and is sometimes called the wild ass, has been no doubt confounded with this animal. The color of the wild ass is gray, or brownish yellow, with a brown dorsal stripe, and one or two bands across the shoulders.The food of this animal consists chiefly of saline tiffany jewelry outlet or bitter plants. It is also fond of salt or brackish water. The manners of the wild ass resemble those of the wild horse. They assemble in troops, under the conduct of a leader or sentinel, and are extremely shy and vigilant; and, like the former animals, dart off with the utmost rapidity on the sight of mankind. They have been at all times celebrated for their swiftness. Their voice resembles that of the domestic ass, tiffany and co outlet but is somewhat shriller. From this animal, the domestic ass has been gradually derived perhaps, the handsomest and most elegantly clothed of all quadrupeds. He has the shape and graces of the horse, the swiftness of the stag, and a striped robe of black and white alternately disposed with so much regularity and symmetry, that it seems tiffany on sale as if nature had made use of the rule and compass to paint tiffany & co outlet it. These alternate bands of black and white are so much the more singular, as they are straight, parallel, and very exactly divided, like a striped stuff; and as they, in other parts, extend themselves not only over the body, but over the head, the thighs, the legs, and even the ears and the tail; so that, at a distance, this animal appears as if he were surrounded with little fillets,


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