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tiffany and co outlet
which some person had disposed, in a regular manner, over every part of the tiffany on sale body. In the females, these bands are alternately black and white. In the male, they tiffany jewelry outlet are brown and yellow, but always of a lively and brilliant mixture, upon a short, fine, and thick hair; the lustre of which still more increases the beauty of the colors. The zebra is, in general, less than the horse, and larger than the ass; and, although it has often been compared to those two animals, and called the wild horse and the striped ass, it is a copy neither of the one nor the other; and might rather be called their model, if all was not equally original in nature, and if every species had not an equal right to creation.The zebra is not the animal the ancients have indicated under the name onagra. There exists in the Levant, the eastern parts of Asia, and in the northern parts of Africa, a beautiful race of asses, who, like the finest horses, are natives of Arabia. This race differs from the common, by the size of the body, the slonderness of the legs, and tiffany and co outlet the lustre of the hair. They are of a uniform, but commonly of a fine mouse color, with a black cross upon the back and the shoulders; and sometimes they are of a bright gray color, with a flaxen cross. The zebra is also of a different climate from the onagra, and is only to be met with in tiffany outlet the most eastern and the most southern parts of Africa, from Ethiopia to the Cape of Good Hope, and thence to Congo. It exists neither in Europe, Asia, nor America, nor even in all the northern parts of tiffany & co outlet Africa. Those which some travellers tell us they have seen at the Brazils, have been transported thither from Africa; those which others are recounted to have seen in Persia, and in Turkey, have been brought from Ethiopia; and, in short, those that we have seen in Europe are almost all from the Cape of Good Hope.


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