eccentric game, he must have been a good king.

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eccentric game, he must have been a good king.

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eccentric game, he must have been a good king.

By the way, did he take astronomers for his tiffany pendants pointers and setters, and almanacmakers for his retrievers ?
After him came the second Peter the Pacific; then John the Fifth; Joseph in whose reign the frightful earthquake took place; and then Maria the First.There is
tiffany bracelets a Protestant cemetery at Lisbon, and in that cemetery lie the remains of the celebrated Henry Fielding. For too long a period the last restingplace of this highlydistinguished man was allowed to remain without memorial or inscription; but it has now both, a conspicuous monument having been reared above the spot where his ashes are entombed, and this monument being enriched with a Latin inscription ; but neither are worthy of the man to whom they are intended to do honour. Noble cypresstrees cast their melancholy and befitting shade on the sequestered walks of the cemetery.
This burialplace was assigned to the British, as long ago as the
tiffany necklaces year tiffany necklaces , in fulfilment of the fourteenth article of the treaty concluded, during the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, between England and Portugal. A Protestant chapel was built within the burialground, subsequently to the treaty of Vienna; it is simple in construction, and without any remarkable feature. One cannot help wondering how churchyards, and funereal monuments fared, in general, during the dread dispensation of the great earthquake; it must have had a ghastly and appalling effect indeed, if the dead were universally disturbed, and their peaceful
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laws respecting
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sepulchres broken up, by the shock of those awful c
oncussions. Doubtless many monuments reared to do honour to the departed must have been injured, if not destroyed, in the general wreck; and the dim, grey Houses of the Silent must have been here and there shattered and defaced, as well as the happy Homes of the Living. Indeed, I apprehend, it is a wellknown fact, that in various places the mouldering remains of the Dead were exposed to view during Earth's heaving throes.
In the Roman Catholic cemetery of the Height of Pleasures Alto des Prazeres are to be seen some fine monuments. The Duke of Palmella, some years since, bought a portion of the territory connected with this burialground, for the purpose of interring there the members of his family. At his expense large vaults, and an extensive mortuary chapel, have been built.


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