Does Eternity not begin where that gray tomb looks

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Does Eternity not begin where that gray tomb looks

Post  tiffanyoutlet001 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:29 pm

Does Eternity not begin where that gray tomb looks

calmly out on space ? Does Time not shrink back instinctively from thebrink of that shallow pit which shall yet swallow up his sceptrescythe at the last ? For when those he aided to lay low in the Dust throb and kindle back to life, he shall know he hath no more Past!he shall know he can have no more Future, and his little troubled, fleeting, shifting Present, shall melt off into the great steadfast Now,the perfect selfcontaining, selfcircling, immutable Now. He shall vanish before the awful face of Him who conquered for us the inheritance of Glory, whose feet rests on tiffany bracelets the vasty sunblazing circle of Eternity. Death, too, he is a selfdestroyer. Every blow he deals, wounds himself. Death and Time! ye rule over the world, and the world's victors and masters. Your rod of Empire is outstretched over the flushed, breathing Lords of Life. Your bondsmen and vassals, they await your nod. Ye, the Gianttwain, clasp your shadowy hands in awful pact above their doomed, downbent heads: the doubleedged tiffany pendants sword waves over them. They are your tributaries the fearful tribute ye shall exact; they owe it still they must pay itoncein full. Thou, Death! thou seizest thy victims; they are thine ; but thy tiffany necklaces keen, grappling gripe, hath at once crushed their clayfetters,the dread debt is paid, and at the selfsame moment thy slaves and captives victorious victims! escape. Thou smitest them, and they are saved from thee; thou fastenest thy longthreatened grasp on themfully thou fastenest it, and they are free! Death and Time! ye rule over the yet unstricken, in their frail license of continuance, and brief privilege of abiding, over Earth's stillexisting
the proper order is given,
tiffany cuff link the homens de forcado forkmen cast their weapons aside, and spring upon the common enemy. He that possesses the largest store of bravery tiffany rings and activity takes the post of honour and danger, exactly in front of the infuriated bull, and watching his opportunitywhen, with head bent down and eyes for the moment shut, the animal is about to wreak his fury on himhe springs lightly between his horns; there he obstinately fixes himself, permitting the enraged bull to throw him about with great violence.


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