Then ne'er shall flow again the impassioned tear,

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Then ne'er shall flow again the impassioned tear,

Post  tiffanyoutlet001 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:32 pm

Then ne'er shall flow again the impassioned tear,

To think the deathdoomed should be made so dear, Where sways thy ghastly, ghostly presence, there Straight yields its blighting rule, Earthwithering Care ;Peace dwells with theePeace shrinks not, cowering back From thy grim mansions, from thy slimy track; She lays her rosetinged cheek in loving rest Near thee, she pillows thee on her soft breast. No wars are therenay, wherefore tiffany necklaces should there be ? Resistance and Defiance stop with thee !
No War against the Worm !there all succumb,
Patient and passive,powerless, checked, and dumb,
Who dare besiege thy strongholds ?those who dare
Thy sway but spreadthy banquet but prepare,
All helps thy Festival!When Empires see
War's pouip and triumph, 'tis thy jubilee !Hark! sounds the charge.fierce bursts the artillery's roar,Heroes in nations swell thy State, and store!Success and Conquest even seek one dark Shrine,Dominion, Pride, Renown, one gaol'tis thine!Perish the powers of Honour and of Arms, Before thy path,sink Glory's glittering swarms ; Still, thy reign, too, shall end, pale Queen of Dust, This world of worms is not the Christian's trust: Destroy it!gnaw it to its granite core ! The undying spirit lives yet more and more ! Eternity flows through its every thought, Thy deeds shall be
tiffany bracelets undone, thy works unwrought: Oh ! what a glorious world shall that yet be Which waits to rise from ruins, and from thee I What wish can match it, and what dream can paint ? Even Hope and Expectation there wax faint; Come ! wing'd Imagination ! fearless power, Soar in thy fiery freedom's raptured hour, Trace link by link, and light by light explore The electric chain of Life that ends no more : The immortal mansions greet, whose boundless blaze, For ever kindling, brightens on the gaze ; High Priestess of the Charnel, hence! away ! Nought in that wondrous world can prove thy prey.Come! wing'd Imaginations! lift the soul Beyond where light may reach or systems roll; Come! rake the roomy Thought from tiffany rings space to space, Till all creation round its powers embrace : It cannot stretch so far, nor mount so high As that new field of man's great destiny For him a fresh bright universe upsprings, On fire with Joy, ablaze with Crowns and Wings, Beyond tiffany cuff link this sphere, so dark with cloud and storm, tiffany pendants Whose mightiest conqueror


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