Portuguese character. The former assure you that in this country

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Portuguese character. The former assure you that in this country

Post  tiffanyoutlet001 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:34 pm

Portuguese character. The former assure you that in this country

a man positively delights in complacently telling you he gave so many thousand reis for his watch, summing up the mighty cost with vast unction and zest to a fraction; or in startling you, if a stranger, by ostentatiously informing you his washing lately amounted to four thousand which does surprise youconsiderably; or in coolly observing to you he has so many millions per annum,
while you know that the highsounding sum hardly keeps him in the very barest necessaries of life; to wit, cigars and garlic;but the Spaniards are very hard
tiffany cuff link on their Lusitanian brethren. This species of selfdeception is catching; in fact, you begin to tiffany bracelets feel yourself a millionaire; bills of five thousand, ten, twenty thousand reis, pour in upon youyou pay them without the slightest hesitation; you seem to have found Fortunatus' purse. A millionaire? pshaw! are you not more,a billionaire ?
I was glad to be informed that the peasantry in this country are merciful and kind to their animals; if it is really so, it shows a good disposition, and a right tone of feeling. The villagers, they say, will often spare no expense within their means, if the poor beasts fall ill, to procure the attendance of cattledoctors, and to buy them medicines; though this is done in a spirit of benevolent disinterestedness, they, of course, reap a reward for their kind conduct, as their animals are thus often
tiffany pendants saved to them, when otherwise they would perish, or become comparatively useless. The strongest possible testimony of affection and esteem a countryman can give to a dear friend tiffany rings is to say, that to be able to assist him he tiffany necklaces is ready to part with his beloved oxen. The peasants actually treat these animals a footing of entire equality with themselves. The horrible noise their carts make, I find they consider keeps all evil spirits from both beasts and men. It is enough to take off all spirits altogether, I should thinkfor a more lachrymose, lamentable, hideous, woebegone, earsplitting, joykilling, pulselowering, thoughtscaring, brainbewildering, senseshocking, nervegrinding, soulharrowing, heartpiercing, dismaying, discordant sound cannot be well imagined; you might think fifty couple of captives were chained to the triumphal cartwheels, and all yelling and screeching in despair and distraction.


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