The slaughtering

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The slaughtering

Post  hunsssalin on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:47 pm

The slaughteringThe slaughtering is effected by persons who take the offal in payment; and MBT Shoes Sale the carcases are sold to curers, who cut them up into the proper pieces for pork, bacon, and hams. So vast are some of the MBT Trainers establishments, and so efficient the arrangements, that hogs, weighing b. or b. each, can be cleansed, weighed, cut up, pickled, barrelled, branded, and shipped, in twentyfour hours. Lard, lardoil, bristles, brushes, and pigleather for saddles, are among the residuary results of this remarkable pork trade.Sweet is the din of war to the porkcurer or meatsalter. It is a MBT charmed sound to him, breathing of brisk trade tory burch shoes and large profits. When fleets and armies are being fitted out, barrels of pickled beef and pork are required tory burch outlet in tens of thousands; because fresh meat is obviously nonavailable for such requirements, except under special circumstances. Pigs being largely reared tory burch sale in Ireland, relatively to other kinds of livestock, thebarrelledpork trade has become extensive in that country. Cork is the place at which this trade principally centres; and during the warlike period of and , the supplies shipped thence were of vast MBT Shoes magnitude; the government made contracts on some occasions for a million pounds at a time. The coopers who made the barrels earned high wages; they felt their importance, and reenacted the part of the traditional organblower who insisted on the c we.' At the slightest whisper of returning peace, the meatcurers became fidgetty, for it was a question of thousands to them. To give tory burch flats an idea of the quantity of this kind of meat required by a large fleet, it may suffice to say that the 'Duke of Wellington,' the gigantic gun screw war steamer that towered over the Baltic fleet in and', included among her stores, when fitted for active service, tons of salt beef, in lb. pieces, and tons of salt pork, in b. pieces, making about , lb. of salt meat altogether !But if London has little concern with these salted provisions, except in so far as it is supplied by the retail butcher, such is not the case in relation to bacon. Bacon is very little, if at all, a London product: our metropolis is not to any great extent a pigkilling place; and none but a Cincinnati, large or small, new world or old world, affords the requisite facilities.


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