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the newspaper

Any one who has watched the tory burch flats newspaper accounts of the Crimean campaigns, must have noticed preserved meats among the entries of commissariat and hospital stores.In the appendix to the Report of the Parliamentary committee on Preserved meats, a letter is inserted from Mr. Cunningham, British consul at Galatz, affording information concerning the mode of manufacture adopted in Moldavia. Mr. Goldner pursued exactly the same system in his factory as is pursued in the tallow fac Report of Parliamentary Committee on Preserved Meats. tones; that is, he made the production of tallow the first and chief object, and that of meat quite secondary. " As the best way of showing how Mr. Goldner prepared the meat for the navy, I will describe how the meat is tory burch outlet treated in the tallow factories. The ox being killed, the inside fat or suet is easily separated from the beef; and then the workmen commence cutting every particle of fat from the meat; wherever a seam of fat is found it is followed out; and thus the meat is cut up into very small pieces. Such is the system tory burch sale followed in Mr. Goldner's factory. The small pieces thus produced in the tallow factories are, I believe, a perquisite of the workmen, or an addition to their wages, and is sold at ten paras, Ibraila money, per oke, or onethird of a penny per lb.; and of this a large quantity of ordinarysausages is made......After the meat has beenseparated from the fat in Mr. Goldner's factory, it is put into vats, and scalded or boiled, and then it is put into the canisters; as much soup is put into each canister as it will hold, and the crevices are filled with soup out of the vats in which the meat has tory burch shoes been boiled. The canisters are then submitted MBT Shoes Sale to the airexpelling process. MBT I believe that in the boiling process a further quantity of fat is taken from the meat."According to an estimate given by Mr. Cunningham, the value of a pound of Goldner's preserved boiled beef is thus curiously made up: The raw beef, Id.; preparing, canisters, d. freight to England, insurance, d.; petty expenses, £d. ;=d. MBT Trainers He considers that d. per lb. wholesale contract price is about a fair estimate for this beef, to MBT Shoes cover loss, interest, cornmission, and profit.


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