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tiffany outlet cutpurse
it is pointless to object to the stage as if it presented a unique moral threat." See also Marcus, Politics of Mirth, p. 43, Wilson, Theaters of Intention, p. 140, and Wayne, "Drama and Society," pp. 10508. The connection between the theater and the marketplace is the central theme of Agnew's Worlds Apart; see especially pp. ixx, 12, 60. The fair itself is highly theatrical, with the merchants hawking their wares in colorful and dramatic ways. Twice Jonson has advertisements for common products like rattles, drums, hobbyhorses, mousetraps, pears, and gingerbread blend right into advertisements for ballads,Bartholomew Fair, II.ii.2840, II.iv.319. as if to suggest that art is merchandised at the fair like tiffany pendants any other commodity. The balladsinger Nightingale turns out to be in league with the tiffany outlet cutpurse Edg tiffany rings worth. According to Edgworth's instructions, Nightingale helps distract potential victims with his songs while the cutpurse robs them, and he also helps dispose of stolen goods.Ibid., II.iv.3538. Far from trying to suggest that art stands apart from the marketplace, Jonson shows the artistic figures in the play deeply implicated in even the most dubious commercial activities at the fair.At the same time, Jonson goes out of his way to describe the criminal activity at the fair in theatrical terms. Quarlous views Edgworth's robberies on the model of a drama: "We had wonderful ill luck to miss this prologue o' the purse, but the best is we shall have five acts of him ere night."Ibid., III.ii.13. Edgworth himself thinks of his thievery in theatrical terms. That is why he insists on having Winwife present to view his pickpocketing of Cokes: "except you would go with me and see't, it's not worth speaking on. The act is nothing without a witness."Ibid., IV.iii.9899. Edgworth tiffany cuff link is a curiously artistic pickpocket. Instead of operating in secret as one would expect, he seeks a public for his crimes to put his skill tiffany bracelets on display. Throughout Bartholomew Fair, art seems to blend imperceptibly into crime and crime into art.Batholomew Fair culminates in the staging of Littlewit's play at the puppet theater, thus firmly bringing the world of drama within the world of the fair. And Jonson does not pull any punches. He portrays the puppet theater operating according to the same questionable business ethic that prevails throughout the fair. Lantern Leatherhead, a hobbyhorse seller who tiffany necklaces doubles as the puppet master, reveals that the entertainment industry advertises as aggress


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