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tiffany necklaces Intention

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tiffany necklaces Intention
ively as anyone at the fair: "Out with the sign of our invention, in the name of wit, and do you beat the drum the while."Ibid., V.i.13. The theater tiffany rings is in the business of making money and the more money the better. When Leather head tells his boxoffice assistant Shark well: "An there come any gentlefolks, take twopence a piece," his sidekick ups the ante: "I warrant you, sir, threepence an we can."Ibid., V.i.1921. In the event, Cokes, fool that he is, insists on gentlemanly profligacy and offers to pay "twelvepence" to see the play, Ibid., V.iii.37. Sec Sanders, Theatrical Republics, p. 102 and Wilson, Theaters of tiffany necklaces Intention, pp. 14546. which, curiously enough, turns out to be the going rate for prostitutes at the fair as well.Ibid., V.iv.49. Cokes expects to see the same products merchandised at the theater that are available elsewhere in the marketplace: "Ha'you none of your pretty impudent boys now, to tiffany outlet bring stools, fill tobacco, fetch ale, and beg money, as they have at other houses?While the theater operators at the fair are constantly trying to raise their prices, Jonson also shows them cheapening their product. Jonson has no illusions about the artistic merits of the plays staged at the puppet theater. Since Leatherhead is interested only in making money, his sole consideration is what the public wants to see and he will do anything to avoid a boxoffice disaster: "All the fowl i' the Fair, I mean all the dirt in Smithfield, . . . will be thrown at our tiffany bracelets banners today, if the tiffany cuff link matter does not please the people."Ibid., V.i.35. Jonson makes it clear that Leatherhead's insistence on catering to the theatergoing public keeps his artistic standards low: "The Gunpowder Plot, there was a getpenny! I have presented that to an eighteen or twentypence audience nine times in an afternoon. Your homeborn projects prove ever the best; they are so easy and familiar. They put too much learning in their things nowadays, and that I fear will be the spoil o' this. To maximize his profits, Leatherhead targets the lowest common denominator in his potential audience. He wants to give the public something simple and familiar. Thus, when he tiffany pendants stages a play about Hero and Leander, he refuses to remain faithful to anticipating an uncertain future, trying to predict changes in demand and to figure out new economies of production for satisfying it. Thus, for the Austrian School, the entrepreneur becomes a kind of artist. Indeed, the Austrians


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