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tiffany pendants serves
stress the creativity of the entrepreneur. See Kirzner, How Markets Work, pp. 3334. For the tiffany rings rare literary critic who speaks of the "entrepreneurial visionary" and "imaginative entrepre neurship," see Berman, Fiction Sets You Free, p. 188. Like an artist, he is a visionary, a risk taker, and a pioneer, and if he is to be successful, he will generally be found running counter to the crowd, or at least ahead of it. Thus, with Austrian economics, one need not worry that linking artistic activity with economic will have a reductionist effect. Because the Austrian School views economic activity as creative in the first place, from its perspective, to show an artist implicated in the commercial world is perfectly compatible with asserting his freedom and individuality.Beyond its focus on freedom and individual human action, Austrian economics offers a model of order that can help us understand literature what Hayek referred to as "spontaneous order." ForHayek'sunderstanding of spontaneous order, see chapters 1 and 2, "Reason and Evolution" and "Cosmos and Taxis," of the first volume, Rules and Order, of his trilogy Law, tiffany necklaces Legislation and Liberty London: Routledge, 1982, pp. 854. See also his essays "The Theory of Complex Phenomena" and "The Results of Human Action but not of Human Design" in his Studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics New York: Simon Schuster, 1967, pp. 2242,96105. For a brief tiffany outlet but comprehensive survey of the development of the idea of spontaneous order, see Steven Horwitz, "From Smith to Menger to Hayek: Liberalism in the SpontaneousOrder tiffany bracelets Tradition," The Independent Review: A journal of Political Economy 6 2001: 8197. This concept tiffany pendants serves to highlight the place of Austrian economics in broader intellectual history. The Austrians are in many respects the culmination and the most cogent exponents of a largescale shift in thinking that can be described as the movement from topdown to bottomup models of order. For much ofChristopher Marlowe's elegant version of the story: "that is too learned and poetical for our audience. What do they know what Hellespont is? 'Guilty of true love's blood'? Or what Abydos is? Or 'the other Sestos hight'? On Jonson's use tiffany cuff link of Marlowe, see James Shapiro, Rival Playwrights: Marlowe, jonson, Shakespeare New York: Columbia University Press, 1991, pp. 6870. Leatherhead adapts the story to the capacity and interests of his audience: "I have entreated Master Littlewit to take a little .


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