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Coach Outlet Online syllables

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Coach Factory Store of filial piety
"Joan would not want to. Well, hang the father asked his mother's blessing - so that is disrespectful lack Coach Factory Store of filial piety, but it is a statement of fact - Joan shaman dream, finally appeared in the hint of a dark night dawn. But only hint of dawn. 57 gold coins, for some guy who is a rather meager amount of money but had their shops for small businesses, that is, a large number. According to Joan know, before the parents are when the store has been able to earn hundreds of silver coins, however, that is, a few gold coins. Now they die, they rely on their own and two seven-year-old Alexandra Kerry children, earning 57 gold coins to three years, it becomes extraordinarily difficult. "I came to think of a way, do not worry." Shan Jia said. But Joan knew she was consoled himself, in what ways she can do, and having no relatives or friends can borrow money. Joan came to this world, and has lived for seven years, had never seen what their parents and relatives and from friends, does have a few, but are equally poor. While the hint of dawn to be gradually extinguished, Lady Luck finally he allowed himself a smile. ※ ※ ※ ghost town by the custom - that is, according to the custom of the ancient imperial resistance Serui Er, ghost city people are resistant Joseph Empire Dynasty - the thirtieth day after the death of loved ones, is Coach Factory Outlet the day of worship. Weather, Joan, and Alexandra Kerry went to cemetery. Father and mother are buried together, and this is not to save cemetery space, is not in order to save costs, simply because they can not separate. Killing them is the situation got to strengthen over the fireball, and instantly put them to bake into coke, financial bodies stick together, not separately. Sansa gently put down white flowers, Joan stood silently beside her, stared, looking at the familiar names on the tombstones. Retains the memory of past lives as, in fact he did not put the parents I, as his real "parents" - at least in his mind that has such a thought of. But now look, it seems wrong. As tears slipped quietly between the face. In the end is support him, love him, Chongni him to take care of his seven-man ah. Joan's previous life, that is, before crossing naturally also have parents, but their relations are not good. They started quarreling Joan notebook, until finally intolerable to divorce. And Joan, after graduating from high school into college, from that day has finally escaped the cold Coach Poppy war at home, and then after they graduate, until the work never went back, did not want to go back.So Joan had always thought their is no feelings of parents, regardless of past life or this life. But the real loss, he discovered that some things are not as simple as imagined. Joan knelt down and stroked the tombstone hand, fingers move slowly along the pattern, tracing of their names. "Dad, Mom," he whispered chants, "I'm sorry." "Do not grieve, Joan," Sansa whispered, her eyes have been wet, but fighting back is not the point of tears, " they would be the goddess of Coach Factory Outlet Online the Coach Outlet Online kingdom of Coach Factory God is watching us to see our happily alive. "" I just think of the word. "Joan silence quite a while, said. "What?" "The tree wants to remain quiet while the wind blows, the son wants his parents are not." "What?" These two phrases in Chinese, that is, the language of past lives, said Joan, the Sansa naturally do not know, sounds only that his brother somehow sent a meaningless noise. Joan did not want more explanation, stood up, ready to go back. Then he heard behind him a word. "Well said." Joan Huo Ran a cold, the body hairs are standing on them.This is, indeed hoarse, low, weakly, like the mouth of dying elderly. But this world, which the elderly can understand Chinese? If only so be it, may only cock who casually say something - the problem is: just "Well said," these three words, actually is Chinese. One elderly in Chinese on the Joan said: "Well said." Joan turned slowly, to see a bald old physique rickets, look recession, hands holding a dog the same old to the bald hair. Dumb old man next door. Joan heard parents say, the old man has actually not a dumb dumb, not only do not dumb, and very talkative. Premature death his wife nor children, a person living alone. But Joan was born in that year, exactly as if that was born the day he and Alexandra Kerry, the old man walking heavy fall, and that the older people, it is easy to fall that would drop any death. Good luck old man, although a high fever that night, in the end kinda came over, but since then has become mute, and then do not say a word, and character become eccentric together,


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