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a good thing

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a good thing

Fenger stare at it, still not fully recognize it. Sunspots became thin like a dog in the shadows of Coach Purses Canada his father and rubbing shoulders, licking her father's face, ears, such as leaving it a secret whisper to him. All the students are in the Pro software, and then all the Drifting silently watching them for a dog tears. Noon, parents get to send the rice to give Mr. Liu sent a basket of sweet potato and a new package from the lard, called Liu Feng to her father branded diesel green onion bun to eat. Drifting out a diesel will be scattered to the sunspots. "Come on, these months to the wronged you!" He said of sunspots. "Where are you running? Ah? ... ..." He slowly Dundao ground, chattering softly to the dog's ear: "I wonder if you miles ... I forgot ... you're still alive, Suffering is not it? We live like , good food for a few Dayton gained over it! "Liu divine little music upside down, the parents gave him a good thing when a packet of pork lard all fed the dog. "... ... And then eat a few tons cracklings to Chi Pang." He just did not hear in the next and parents laughing and complain that a return to a year do not kill pigs to point out that a large oil, try them out that a diesel, they are a family of eight mouth want to eat, pull out, Mr. honor, sir, how are the United States had this ugly beast. "How Coach Outlet Canada come you one back? ... ... Where you plug a child lost? ... ... Lost bolt child, you have to play on the outside came back for two months ... ..." a "bolt children," the dog from the diesel raised his head, looked around, inhaling nose. Liu Feng, see it for a satisfactory end, tears and rose up. Afternoon Fangliao Xue, blessed to go to town to buy the ink, black as him leading the way as the original. Liu Feng was an excuse to buy things that my father, with sunspots, and he wants to Coach Outlet see. He does not go out for a long time, because he who is afraid of a drag. "Dad, money installed, more than a mile pickpockets." Liu Feng took him to the junction, the same as the adult children greeted exhort. ", Ready for." "Biexia money - those evil owner yet, and optical want you to buy his sub-standard!" "Not blind to spend money." He has gone away, and are seen from the back of his triumphant , as they see again the like. "When you come back soup!" "Hey." Liufeng a man in the kitchen stirring the soup, and sour radish cut some child, intended to mix with sesame oil mix to soup.


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