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novices in abercrombie clearance the

The Elephant is always guided by a mahout, who sits astride upon its neck and directs the movements of the animal by means of his voice, aided by a kind of spiked hook, called the haunkus, which is applied to the animal's head in such a manner as to convey the driver's wishes to the Elephant. The persons who ride upon the Elephant are either placed in the howdah, a kind of wheelless carriage strapped on the animal's back, or sit upon a large pad, abercrombie wholesale which is furnished with cross ropes in order to give a firm hold. The latter plan AF Pantse is generally preferred, as the rider is able to change his position at will, and even to recline upon the Elephant's back if he should be fatigued by the heavy rolling gait of the animal. The Elephant generally kneels in order to permit the riders to mount, and then rises from the ground with a AF Knit Tanks & Camis peculiar swinging AF Graphic Tees motion that is quite indescribable, and is most discomposing to novices in abercrombie clearance the art. Very small Elephants are furnished with a saddle AF Swim like that which is used upon horses, and is AF Rugged Outwear fitted with stirrups. The saddle, however, cannot be conveniently used on animals that are more than six feet in height.The size of Elephants has been greatly exaggerated, as sundiy writers have given fourteen or sixteen feet as an ordinary height, and have even AF Short mentioned instances where Elephants have attained to the height of twenty feet. It is true that the enormous bulk of the animal makes its height appear much greater than is really the case. Eight feet is about the average height of AF Premium Sweaters a large AF Jeans Elephant, and nine or abercrombie outlet ten feet is the utmost maximum to which the creature ever attains.The general colour of the elephant is AF Hoodies & Sweats brown, of a lighter tint when AF Vintage Outwear the animal is at liberty, and considerably deeper when its hide is subjected to rubbing with a cocoa-nut brush, and plenty of oil. Sometimes an albino or white Elephant is seen in the forests, the colour of the animal being a pinky-white, and aptly compared to the nose of a white horse.


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