even AF Short mentioned

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even AF Short mentioned

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even AF Short mentioned

The AFRICAN ELEPHANT is spread ovci a very wido range of country, extend- ing from Senegal and Abyssinia to the borders of the Cape Colony. Several conditions are required for its existence, such as AF Short water, dense forests, and the absence of human habitations.Although it is very abundant in the locality which it inhabits, it is not ofter, AF Hoodies & Sweats seen abercrombie outlet by casual travellers, owing to its great vigilance. In spite of its AF Rugged Outwear enormous dimensions, it is one of the most invisible of forest creatures, and a herd of Elephants, of eight or nine feet in height, may stand within a few yards of a hnnter without being detected by him, even though he is aware of their presence. The only sure method of ascertaining the presence of Elephants is AF Graphic Tees by listening for one sound which they are continually giving forth, and which they are unable to con¬trol. This peculiar noise resembles the bubbling of wine when poured from a AF Vintage Outwear bottle, and is caused by the large amount of water which is abercrombie clearance stored in their interior. This curious sound is emitted at regular intervals, and forms a sure criterion whereby to judge of the direction in which the creatures may be AF Premium Sweaters standing.At the present day the African Elephant is never captured and domesticated, although there seems to be but little reason for such AF Knit Tanks & Camis an omission. In the ancient times, AF Swim this species was trained for the arts of war and peace as regularly as the Asiatic Elephant, and its present immunity from a life of captivity seems to be the result of the fears or laziness of the natives. The only object in possess¬ing the African Elephant is to procure its valuable tusks and teeth, and to afford nourishment to the native tribes. Before the introduction of fire-arms among the Kaffir tribes, the Elephant was hunted by men armed with assagais, or spears, and after being unrelentingly pursued for several successive days, was at last forced to succumb under AF Pantse the multitudes of missiles which penetrated its body. Now, however, the musket-ball, however rude may be the weapon, does great service to the black AF Jeans hunter, and the Elephant is slain in far less time abercrombie wholesale and in greater number* than under the old system.


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