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AF Hoodies & Sweats seen

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AF Hoodies & Sweats seen

The Kaffirs are persevering Elephant-hunters, and are wonderfully expert in tracking any individual by the " spoor," or track, which is made by its footsteps. The foot of a male AF Vintage Outwear is easily AF Hoodies & Sweats distinguished by the roundness of its form, while that of the female is more oval, and the height of the animal is also ascertained by measurement of the footmarks, twice the AF Swim circumference of the foot being equal AF Premium Sweaters to the abercrombie wholesale height at the shoulder. The AF Rugged Outwear mode by abercrombie clearance which the natives follow a AF Jeans single Elephant through all the multiplied tracks of his companions is very curious. The sole of each Elephant's foot, is marked with certain wrinkles, which are never precisely abercrombie outlet alike in any two individuals, and may be compared to the minute depres¬sions whieh are found AF Short on the human thumb, and which in more primitive times were employed as an expeditious mode of affixing a sign-manual, by being rubbed with ink and impressed upon the document. The black hunter, therefore, AF Knit Tanks & Camis taking a soft piece of clay or earth, works it between his hands into a firm and smooth mass, resembling the footmark in shape, and with the AF Pantse point of a thorn traces upon it a chart of the lines which are found on the Elephant's foot. If he should become bewildered amid the multiplicity of footmarks, he has only to refer to his clay chart, and is guarded against the possibility of mistaking one individual for another. THE MALAYAN TAPIR is found in Malacca and Sumatra, and is a most con¬spicuous animal, in consequence of AF Graphic Tees the broad band of white that encircles the body, and which at a little distance gives it the aspect of being muffled up in a white sheet


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