AF Jeans It is said that although

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AF Jeans It is said that although

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AF Jeans It is said that although

From all accounts, the Babyroussa seems to be a very fierce and dangerous animal, being possessed of great strength, and able to inflict terrible wounds with the tusks of the lower jaw. A naval officer who had experienced several encoun¬ters with this creature spoke of it with great respect, aud seemed to hold its war¬like abilities in some awe. The adult male Babyroussa is considerably larger than the boar AF Swim of England, and the officer above mentioned told me that he had seen them as large as donkeys. It is a very good swimmer.THE common PECCARY, or TAJACU, of America, although it is of no very abercrombie outlet great dimensions, resembling a small pig in size, is yet as terrible an animal as the Wily Boar itself. Ever fierce and abercrombie wholesale irritable of temper, the Peccary is as formidable an antagonist as can be seen in any land, for it knows no fear, and will abercrombie clearance attack and foe without any hesitation. Fear is a feeling of which AF Premium Sweaters the Peccary is ignorant, probably AF Pantse because its intellect is not of a very high order, and it is unable to com¬prehend danger.The usual resting-place of the Peccary is in the AF Rugged Outwear AF Graphic Tees hollow of a fallen tree, or in some burrow that has been AF Knit Tanks & Camis dug AF Jeans by an armadillo and forsaken by the original inhabitant. The hollow tree, however, is the favourite AF Hoodies & Sweats resort, and into one of these curious habitations a party of Peccarries will retreat, each backing into the aperture as far as he AF Short can penetrate the trunk, until the entire hollow is filled with the odd little creatures. The one who last enters becomes the sentinel, and keeps a sharp watch on the neighbourhood. THERE are several species of this singular animal, some inhabiting India and others being found in Africa.The so-called horn which projects from the nose of the Rhinoceros is a very remarkable structure, and worthy of a brief notice. AF Vintage Outwear It is in no way connected with the skull, but is simply a growth from the skin, and may take rank with hairs, spines, or quills, being indeed formed after a similar manner. If a Rhino¬ceros horn be examined—the species of its owner is quite immaterial—it will be seen to be polished and smooth at the tip, but rough and split into numerous filaments at the base. These filaments which have a very close resemblance to


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