I can not jump with

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I can not jump with

Post  upanga3 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:21 pm

I can not jump with

him all night, just the music, have not less eye fell upon us. He gains a smile, due to a bow: "Finally a song I must wait." I smile, happy to take on. Pour a little orange juice, Coach Factory Store and I see him in the side. He is holding Chen, vice president, vice president Chen is head high, both on the dance floor saying something pleasant. Oh, I just still think he will not ask Chen, vice president, and she guessed, this is normal choice. "Huan Chang." I do not know when, Zhao Yan has come to my side, his face can not believe. "How you?" I have some strange, drank a glass of drink turned to ask her. She looked at it on the dance floor striking partner, a small channel: "You know he is?" "Song Ming-Hsuan it?'s Customers, his company is called Yuanfeng it." She nodded: "But you know Coach Factory Outlet Online Genpo Click to vote last year in Coach Outlet Online the number of online games on it? "I looked at her, so she broke the news. "1.5 billion." My big mouth, so unexpected, and beyond my imagination. "This is not the focus of his father, is the head of the Song Dong, did not expect it?" Zhao Yan is a really heavy artillery shells left behind, and I froze for a moment to collect myself. "Really?" She curl one's lip: "The company knew several people he can not go wrong, he did not told you?" The figure looked away, I shook my head. No wonder his hotel room that day tested in piano, no wonder to see him so intimate always yellow, no wonder his little nephew and I love so alike, there is little jingle I sent him the little boy thing. "Can not think of too." Zhao Yan was full of admiration at him, "so young to have so much capacity." I have mood to laugh, and my heart some uncomfortable. Even if he's high net worth and then a few times, it seems there is no need to hide it? Each girl is not the money at him to go. Well, I sneer, the reason why I am so special, simply because I do not know everything, do not hit him on the idea of Bale. In fact, his boss who is willing and son relationship? Gone down to see the rise Moreover Renyankewei, regardless of motives pure or not, the old stars have long been drowned in saliva. Where the object is not ideal? Why did not the emboldened himself confused? How deep is the love that needs to support? Zhao Yan's boyfriend came over to find two people together to talk about something. I gently picked up the bag, grabbed a coat and slipped out a side door. Chilly outside air clean, tight skirts I'm only waiting for him not to jump in there, the last a tune.


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