Floating down the street

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Floating down the street

Post  upanga3 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:22 pm

Floating down the street

the hotel fountain spray, a full moon reflecting in the pool, the faint shaking. I sighed, my luck really bad, right? Boring. See steady stream of vehicles outside the hotel carved iron road, I slowly walked past. "Huan Chang." I stopped. Song Ming Xuan caught up, standing next to me: "how?" I did not turn around: "There was a little something, I will go back." "Then I give you." I shook my head. He came over and looked at me in the face: "Why?" I looked up: "We are not familiar with." His eyes swept puzzled. "Song Coach Factory Outlet Online Dong is your father now." His face relaxed, he turned to look lively ballroom: "Some people tell you." "I really have to go." I'm sorry smiled, walked to the outside . Silence in the street and the sound of his shoes behind me rhythmic ringing. "Although this is not much, but I also thought about telling you." I listened quietly. "I bought a little nephew that Tinker Bell will be recorded, he took out the other told me there was a sister in the hospital to give him that. At that time my dad had a smile to you all about this girl is the company inside, I heard later on the number, the original that is you. "" That, in order to hang the water nice little nephew, I traveled all over the city's fast food restaurant, received a phone call that he had got to be something , I am greatly relieved. "his voice with a laugh. "You know how much I happy? Ago, I do not believe in fate, that moment, I began to believe." I slowed down the pace. "To tell you the longer exposure, the more I can not tell you, I am afraid you will have all kinds of concerns, preconceptions, do not want to give us a better understanding of the opportunities. Often Huan, I think, I have some understanding of you." I look back see him, the moonlight, his eyes earnest and sincere. Pushing his glasses: "Besides, I probably can guess you live and who prior to the gas." I Yangqi Mei. "Is the day hiding in the trees you see that person, right? See forget my existence." I Yizheng. He bitterly: "Everything is written in your face, takes only people who see nothing more will read. Often joy, you cover it is a not good people. So you really know me, Coach Factory Store I dare not venture." I subconsciously touch their cheek, really obvious? Inside the hall that first sounded the familiar melody, Danube blue wave with the music as they watch. "Go in now?" He consulted Coach Outlet Online asked. I thought, or shook his head: "If you have time, could you send me back to it." Spilled little smile of his eyes, and I laughed to see the soft moonlight in the night, these are credit


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