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this purpose

And for this purpose will have it that Neptune was worshipped there, though so far from the sea—others claim the discovery of its deri¬vation from Tribus Torrentibus, or three streams which run there Now, as to the first, exclusive of forcing Neptune all the way from the Gulph of Venice to their temples 1 cannot find any such similarity in the sound of Trent a»d Trident to warrant the inference; and as to tbe Tribus Torrentibus, they might as well say that a primmer or hornbook was found there, and that thence it was derived from the alohabet. since the tame analoov ai»d if ift had been Putney, or John o Groat's boose, the town would be neither the better cor the worse,, nor the treasures of literature suffer Tory Burch Flats soy defalcation from the difference. The bishopric of Trent is about sixty miles long and forty broad—fertile, and abundant in wine, oil, fruity ana pasture—and pleasant, the beautiful river Adige " meandering through the whole of i^from north to south. The inhabitants are bigoted Roman Catholics—you wiU the less wonder, then, that the bishop should have so extensive a principality, and an annual revenue of forty thousand crowns. As 1 receded from Germany, and advanced towards Italy, I found the air, the persons, and the manners of the people to display Tory Burch Outlet a very great difference, and to re-semble those of the Italians, more than those of the Germans. Though Popish bigotry be pretty strong in many parts of Germany, it no where there assumes the gloomy, detestable aspect that it does in Italy. And now, since 1 have happened to mention the cha-racters of these two people, 1 may as well, once for all, more particularly as we are got to the verge of both, give you them in full; in both which I am warranted in saying, that all who know the two will agree with me. Perhaps contrast was never more perfectly exempli-fied than in a comparison between the Germans .and Ita-lians; add that contrast strikes more .forcibly and sud-denly in passing from one country to the other, tlun it Tory Burch Shoes would in so short a space between aoy two people existing Tbe Italians, jealous, revengeful, treacherous, dissem¬bling, servile, vicious, sanguinary, .idle, and sensual. The Germans, on the contrary, open, gocd-natured, Dree from malice and subtlety, laborious, sincere, ho¬nest, and hospitable—-and, with those valuable qualities properly complaisant So happy is the character of this people, that to be German-hearted has long been a phrase signifying an honest man who hated dissimulation : and affront a traveller, and made it an article of their reli¬gion to protect those who came under their rood.


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