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not intemperance

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not intemperance

Did not intemperance in eating and drinking detract from their virtues, no people on earth would bear comparison with them for intrinsic worth, and particularly for in tegrity in dealing The city of Trent, though not very large in circum¬ference, is populous The high mountains which sur¬round it, subject it to all the inconvenicnccs of heat and cold—rendering tbe air excessively hot in summer, and extremely cold in winter; besides which, they ex¬pose the town to dreadful inundations—the torrents that descend from the mountains being sometimes so impetu¬ous as to roll large pieces of rock with them into it, and having several times laid the whole place waste ' There are in Trent many stately palaces, churches, and religious houses. The only one, however, that Tory Burch Outlet I will particularise, is that of Saint Mary Major, noted for a prodigious large organ, which can be made to coun¬terfeit all sorts of musical instruments, together with the singing of birds, the cries of several beasts, and the sounds of drums and trumpets, so exactly, that it is dif¬ficult to distinguish between the imitation and the reality To what an end such an instrument should be set up in a place of worship, I am at a loss to divine, unless it be to add to the rich, useless lumber that fills all those of Popish countries. But that which distinguishes this church still further, as, that it is the place where the famous Council of Trent was held, concerning the Reformation, at which four thousand persons of a public character, laymen and ec¬clesiastics, assisted. This Council sat eighteen years before it did any thing; but at last the Pope contrived to get the ascendant; and, after debating and deliberat¬ing so long, not only the Protestants, but even the Ger-man and French nations, refused to receive its decrees Certain of the clergy, finding the ascendency that the mains, though out of use—-that, I think, would be found Tory Burch Shoes serviceable in most towns in Christendom, and elsewhere too, and particularly at Bath, and fuch places It was a tower on the river Adige, into which the stream was con ducted, for Tory Burch Flats the purpose of drowning such of the clergy as were convicted of having been too familiar with their neighbour's wives and daughters The people of Trent speak promiscuously, and indif¬ferently, both the German and Italian languages; but whether well or not.


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